Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Triangle GH, Logistic Coordinator.

Job Description – Logistic Coordinator
Timor Leste

Funding: CDM via USAID Fund
Function: Logistic Coordinator
Duration: 6 month
Status: Volunteer or salaried depending on the experience. For further information and an application form visit www.trianglegh.org
Conditions: Monthly local per diem 420 €, social benefits, lodging and international transport and local within the mission scale.



Triangle Génération Humanitaire is an International Aid Organization created in 1994. It has initiated numerous programs in various countries and in doing so, has provided direct or indirect support to several hundreds of thousand persons. Its interventions are characterized by a global approach to humanitarian aid, combining Emergency and Development. The Association is a mainspring of projects which it elaborates with national partners by identifying and mobilizing local resources and competences.

Triangle is present in East Timor since 2004. In 2009 we have for objectives to:

• Support to the victims of the crisis affecting East Timor through intercommunity conflicts reduction
Project in the area of Becora in Dili

• Improve access to drinking water for rural population of Manatuto and Oecusse districts.
Through DWASH project


-          Supervise the international tender
-          Supervise the operational and structural departments procurement needs.
-          Ensure the respect of the purchase process
-           Supervise the monthly follow up for purchases.
-          Supervise the filling of the procurement documents
-          Supervise the update of prices through the catalogue
-          Responsible for any relation with CDM ( the contractor)

-          Control the accounting data on the logistic documents
-          Establish the logistic activities financial needs

-          Control the communication process of the mission
-          Set up and update the internal and external communication list
-          In charge of the satellite communication means.

-          Control equipment on all bases and projects
-          In charge of the inventory and its communication
-          In charge of final inventory for donors end of project
-          In charge of the fleet management

-          Participate to the internal communication report for the logistic department
-          Participate to the donor report for the logistic part
-          Set up and follow a regular logistic reporting system between the  bases and the capital
-          Represent the INGO in specific logistic meetings or clusters.

-          Define the needs of the logistic team and the appropriate organisation
-          Write the job description of the logistic team members
-          Organise the recruitment of the logistic department
-          Train the logistic team members to the tools and the process
-          To manage the Dili logistic team
-          To be a support to the bases logistic district coordinator and logistician
-          Organise and follow the holidays for the logistic staff
-          In charge of the regular evaluation of the staff 

-          Participate to the security plan update for all bases
-          To check the application of the security rules
-          Ensure that the material link to security is present and working
-          Participate to the decision regarding the security of all bases in collaboration with the end of mission
-          Ensure that the INGO visibility on all the mission, bases, vehicles and staff
-          Ensure that the process link to the watching and the communication are applied.

-          Ensure the application of the stock process on all bases
-          Supervise the bases fuel consumption (vehicles and generator)
-          Ensure the order of all mission fuel
-          Supervise the final inventory for all stock at the end of a program

-          Supervise the fleet management
-          Supervise the control of the vehicles movement
-          Supervise the expeditions (check all documents are correct)
-          Supervise the correct organisation of transport ( international and custom)

-          Experience and good knowledge of the humanitarian field (functioning of NGOs, donors such as ECHO)
-          Good technical knowledge linked to logistic.
-          Mastering the communication tools (HF, VHF, satellite phones and modems)
-          Mastering the various computer tools such as Excel, Word, Power Point, etc
-          Competencies and significant experience (at least 1 year) in logistic area
-          Ability to write up reports (excellent and treated written knowledge in English and is possible French) and concern for good documents appearance,
-          Ability to set training (knowledge/competencies transfer),

10 expatiates (1 head of mission, 1 program coordinator , 1 administrative coordinator , 1 logistic coordinator, 2 district coordinator, 2 civil engineer,  1 purchaser, 1 psychosocial manager )

34 national employees