Thursday, February 18, 2010

FONGTIL, Program Manager (Re-advertised), Deadline February 26, 2010.

To facilitate better services to the members, Forum Organizasaun Non Govermental (FONGTIL), as the umbrella organization of local, national and international NGOs in Timor Leste, is looking for a Timorese National to fill the position of Program Manager.
The Program Manager post is a senior position and requires actual management and resourcing experience. The specific responsibilities of the Program Manager are:
1. (MANAGING) To secure the implementation of FONGTIL’s programs based on 2010-2012 MPP
1.1 Responsible to review the programs every month, every three months, and also organize an annual evaluation (internal)
1.2 Responsible to design work plan based on the review every month, quarterly, and annual
1.3 Regular monitoring in the districs
1.4 Together with management team, to do evaluation for staff’s performance every year
1.5 Together with management team, organize and facilitate external evaluation (every three years)
2. (REPORTING) Together with management team guarantee that reports are timely reports to partners and members of NGO
2.1 To make consolidation of the reports including the implementation of the program every six month.
2.2 To produce an annual report for the members every year (at Annual General Meeting)
2.3 To create a regular program update for members to guarantee an active participation.
3. (RESOURCING) To ensure that FONGTIL has access to funds to implement its programs:
3.1 Together with Executive Director, develop funding proposals to ensure that FONGTIL has annual funds to implement its programs.
3.2 Together with Coordinator in every division, design relevant proposals to strengthen the respective programs.
4. (DIRECTING) To supervise advocacy, membership services, and DLOs programs
4.1             ADVOCACY (together with the coordinator)
4.1.1 To guarantee FONGTIL’s staffs participation and members of NGO (active and effective participation) in national and local meeting
4.1.2 To make link with other network and potential partner
4.1.3 To control the quality of external communication strategy (to media, patner/donor, national and local government, community, etc)
4.2 MST (together with coordinator)
4.2.1 To control the quality of IT and CB training (effective and efficient)
4.2.2 Respond to members necessary, FONGTIL can respond/facilitate.
4.3 DLO (together with coordinator)
4.3.1 To guarantee members participation (especially members in the district) to participate in the National Program (NDMP, Decentralization, NP6) that active and effective.
4.3.2 Members in the district can participate in development process through regular consultation
4.3.3 To give good services to member so they can acses to civil society funds.
5. (DEVELOPING) Ensure the production of quality resource materials (manuals, systems guides)
5.1             Together with a consultant/advisor/technical expert, develop a Manual PMER (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting)
5.2 Together with a consultant/advisor/technical expert and relevant staff, develop an organizational Communications Strategy
5.3 Together with a consultant/advisor/technical expert and relevant staff, develop Capacity Building/Training Manuals (Program Development, Donor Relations, Advocacy, Social Audit, Media Relations and Conflict Resolution, Small Business/Fund raising).
5.4 Together with a consultant/advisor/technical expert and relevant staff, develop an information system for the Resource Center and for the Digital Library.
6. (NETWORKING) Ensure that linkages with partners are strengthened.
6.1 Participate in relevant and important international, national and local meetings to ensure NGOs perspective in different issues.
6.2 Develop mechanisms and approaches to strengthen relations with different partners.
  • Must have skills, knowledge and actual experience in managing human and program resources.
  • At least 3 years of actual experience as manager of programs or projects in NGOs or in donor-organisations.
  • Demonstrated skills in conducting planning, monitoring & evaluation, and reporting.
  • Ability to work in a participatory manner and in a team environment.
  • Ability to train and be a mentor to other team members.
  • Good speaking and writing skills in English.
Those who are qualified and interested, please follow the instructions below:
1.      Write your CV and cover letter in English.
2.      In your cover letter, explain your motivation for applying to this post and your actual experiences based on the responsibilities outlined for the Program Manager.
3.      Submit your application to FONGTIL’s Secretariat in Caicoli Road, Dili  c/o Joao Freitas, telemovel: 7236782 or Email application to these e-addresses: / /
4.      Deadline for accepting applications is on February 26, 2010, before 16:00 hrs (4:00PM).
Only those qualified candidates will be contacted for interview.
FONGTIL encourages those with actual management experience (staff and programs) to apply. FONGTIL provides competitive salary package and support for professional growth to the chosen candidate.
Women are encouraged to apply. Those who already submitted their application need not re-apply.

Oxfam, Policy Officer, Deadline March 8, 2010.



Title: Policy Officer
Category: National Staff Position
Responsible to: Program Manager, Humanitarian & Advocacy
Location: Dili, Timor-Leste with travel to districts 
Preferred Start: April 2010
Application Due: Send completed application form to Beni Martins by 5:00PM on Monday, March 8.

Oxfam has been supporting development and humanitarian work in Timor-Leste for over 30 years and currently implements a mutli-sectoral program by working in partnership with civil society organisations, communities and government.  Three Oxfam affiliates (Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia) have agreed to develop and implement a Joint Oxfam Strategic Plan with a single management structure as Oxfam International.  Oxfam Australia will be the managing affiliate.    The current Oxfam program includes work towards four change goals – Economic Justice, Essential Services, Gender Justice and Rights in Crisis.

This position will develop and lead Oxfam’s advocacy and policy work within Timor-Leste. The position will manage a portfolio of partnerships, principally at the national level, and will work together with civil society to achieve advocacy related goals. The position will help to define Oxfam’s policy related work, and also work together with Oxfam program teams to support advocacy work in Economic and Gender Justice. The position will contribute to the overall strengthening of civil society, active citizenship and good governance within Timor-Leste and will represent Oxfam at national level groups, forum and networks.

  • Successful experience in policy level advocacy work on issues of relevance to poverty reduction and good governance.
  • Strong analytical skills and a proven ability to analyze policy and its impacts on poverty and marginalization.
  • Experience in working with civil society organizations and in strengthening their capacities, both in program effectiveness and in organizational development.
  • Demonstrated understanding of Timor Leste’s international legal commitments
  • Experience in facilitating learning processes.
  • University degree preferable
  • Able to understand and explain basic budget and financial reports
  • Tetum and/or Indonesian language skills
  • English language skills also required

  • Commitment to social justice, participation and transparency, and ability to role model these values.
·         Ability to work on ones own initiative.
  • Willingness to promote women’s empowerment and gender equity in Timor-Leste
  • Experience with Word and Excel
  • Good written communication skills
  • Ability to build network and collaborate with local, international organizations working in the same scope of work
  • Ability to build good relationship with respective government departments

See Position Description for full description of position and qualifications

ILO, National Information Officer, Deadline February 26, 2010.

Timor-Leste Public Sector Capacity Development Program (PSCDP), ADS Program Assistant, Deadline February 25, 2010.