Thursday, June 3, 2010

ICFJ, Senior Program Consultant, Deadline June 11, 2010.

Terms of Reference – Senior Program Consultant
Strengthening Independent Media Program in Timor-Leste (SIMPTL)
The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ)


ICFJ’s SIMPTL program began in October 2006.

The main goal of SIMPTL is to support the long-term development of a more professional and sustainable independent media sector in Timor-Leste.

The Program continues to improve Timorese journalists’ ability to deliver better quality news and programming and to enable more Timorese citizens to access media-generated news and information. In this realm, SIMPTL has established six media houses in the districts – providing journalists with a safe environment to work with all the tools they need to do their jobs – including high speed internet, computers, office supplies, cameras and other equipment. They also have access to regular training seminars.

The training of future Timorese journalism trainers continues to be one of the Program’s core efforts.

The Program seeks to increase media independence by helping media outlets to enhance their marketing and business management efforts.

The Program aims to ensure that Timorese media professionals will have a say in the creation of the nation’s media laws and broadcast regulations, and that they are fully able to play a decisive role in the development of an enabling environment in which they will operate.

The Program actively supports the efforts of the National University of Timor Leste to develop its Social Communications degree course, by contributing to the development of the course curriculum as well as by lecturing and teaching the course students.

The Program

SIMPTL consists of several components: Business Development (market share analysis; advertising and marketing training); Special Projects (development of four-year degree Social Communications program at National University, special events); Train the Trainers Program (Journalism training program including media analysis monitoring of newspaper content); (online news agency); The Independent Printing Press Timor-Leste (IPPTL) (procurement, set-up and establishment of a printing press for three independent newspapers); Media Houses (the establishment of six media houses in six districts for the benefit of journalists); Media Law (Provide training and guidance to journalists on all media regulatory policies and laws).

ICFJ will begin the devolution of some of the projects in mid-2010.

The Consultant’s Responsibilities The consultant is responsible for tasks described below.

  * Provide oversight to SIMPTL managers and coordinators in the administration of the following projects: The Media Houses; UNTL Social Communications Program; IPPTL and The National Press Center
·        Ensure projects meet target deadlines.
·        Provide guidance to managers and coordinators as needed.
·        Provide support to managers and coordinators in development of budgets.
  * Coordinate with the Country Director to craft a comprehensive work plan for the project for the print/broadcast/online media in Timor-Leste.

  * Mentor and contribute to an atmosphere conducive to professional growth and development for program staff in accordance ICFJ’s commitment to excellence and achievement; encourage a team culture of learning, creativity and innovation.
4.      Assist in the devolution of SIMPTL projects.
·        The consultant will assist the Country Director in the devolution of the Media Houses.
5.      Prepare Quarterly Report for submission to USAID.

·        The consultant will confer with the Country Director on the format and content of the report.

6.      Perform all duties as guided by the Country Director

7.      The Senior Program Consultant will report to the Country Director.

Qualifications and Experiences.  The consultant must have

o  A master’s degree in business management with media experience is desirable;
o  At least five years experience in management and media and demonstrated writing ability;
o  At least two years experience working in a developing country;
o  At least two years experience in media development;
Experience in preparing reports for donors;

The successful candidate must be resourceful, creative, flexible and a team player who speaks excellent English, and Tetum and/or Portuguese. He/She must possess strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize workload and meet deadlines; must have excellent communication skills and the ability to work with local partners and staff; and must be able to act quickly on issues.

This position is offered on a six-month contract basis, with the possibility of an extension. Projected Start Date: July 1, 2010

Please send cover letters and CV’s to Charles Rice, Country Director, ICFJ-TL at>  Closing Date: June 11, 2010.

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