Tuesday, May 4, 2010

USAID, Facilitator Team Building Workshop.

USAID Timor Leste is looking for a qualified individual that can conduct
a half-day professional team building workshop for an office of 6 staff
(Timorese, American) to take place in early June.

The individual will be responsible for the following activities:

*        Implement a pre-workshop survey in advance of individual
*        Conduct individual interviews as a small sample of Mission
partners/collaborators (preliminary to the conducting the
*        Facilitate strategy sessions on programmatic and management
areas;         and
*        Debrief above activities with Office Director and leave a
draft         retreat report.

Logistics and venue will be facilitated by USAID Timor Leste.

Interested individuals should send CVs to electronically to:

John Marks, Executive Officer, USAID Timor Leste - jomarks@usaid.gov