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PROGRESSIO, Programme Officer, Deadline March 15, 2010.


Progressio has been leading the way on practical international development issues for more than forty years. Whether through placing development workers overseas, or in our policy and advocacy achievements, Progressio has a track record of making a difference. We work with people of all faiths and none.

Programme Officer

Full-time, one-year contract (with possibility of renewal), US$800 per month (gross)
Based in Dili, Timor-Leste

For this vacancy we are only able to consider candidates who are fluent in English and Tetum.

Progressio is looking for a highly motivated and resourceful individual with a genuine commitment to development, seeking to work in a cutting edge development agency in an emerging democracy, with decentralisation high on the agenda.

The Programme Officer will be jointly responsible for the coordination of Progressio Timor-Leste projects, with all partners where Progressio development workers are based.

S/he will also contribute to programme development, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and the management of development workers, as well as fundraising, recruitment, report writing and some communications, networking and advocacy work.

The successful candidate should have a degree or appropriate qualification in development studies or another relevant discipline.

You should have extensive practical work experience in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development projects, and proven experience of project/programme administration and competence in: financial administration, personnel management (including staff selection and induction), and report writing (narrative and financial). Experience in a skill-share and advocacy setting; working with governmental and non governmental actors in Timor-Leste; and of working in a resource poor environment are essential.

You will need excellent organisational, coordination and project management skills; good problem solving skills, a drive for innovation and excellence, good interpersonal and communication skills, and to be open to learning (including the ability to reflect on areas for improvement). A proven ability to think and act strategically in response to development issues; a good grasp of gender analysis and dynamics; the ability to work as a member of a multicultural team and to work on own initiative; to be self-servicing; willingness to undertake road travel in Timor-Leste, and sensitivity in a multi-culture and multi-faith environment are also essential.

Background experience in relevant thematic areas (e.g. work with civil society organisations, HIV and AIDS, community based work or similar); experience of working with budgets; previous involvement in advocacy/campaigns related to HIV and AIDS, the environment and/or good governance; working with people in remote sites/at a distance; a valid driving licence, and familiarity of working with faith based organizations and Catholic Church structures is highly desirable.

It is essential that you complete Progressio’s application form in full, as very specific information is required and will be used to decide whether or not you will be short-listed for an interview.
For further information and an application form visit (see section “jobs @ Progressio”).

Closing date: 15 March 2010 Interviews (in Dili): End of March 2010

Please return the completed application form to:

Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Management (MSATM), Management Information System Expert, Deadline March 17, 2010.


Direcao Nacional de Administracao e Financas
Job Title: Management Information System Expert
Reporting to: PMU - Ministry of State Adminstration and Territorial Management
Duration: 25 days
Location: Ministry of State Adminstration and Territorial Management (MSATM)

1.      The Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Management (MSATM) of the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) is seeking a qualified and experienced Management Information System (MIS) expert to assist MSATM and the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports (SSYS) to design a MIS for their respective departments.  
1.      Background

2.      MSATM is working with the SSYS on the World Bank-financed Youth Development Project (YDP).  The YDP is designed to address the issues of youth exclusion from communities and from local development processes, and was developed in response to the “youth crisis” and the seminal role that youth played in the 2006 political crisis.
3.      The YDP has two components: the first component supports the SSYS to operationalize the National Youth Policy by: (i) strengthening its institutional capacity to develop, implement and coordinate policy and programs relating to its mandate; and, (ii) enhancing its ability to work with youth groups, organizations and youth centers, and support youth initiatives.  The second component supports the MSATM and SSYS to establish a mechanism to identify and distribute small grants to youth in rural villages (sucos) and hamlets (aldeias) via the MSATM’s local government platform.
4.      The MIS Expert will work in the MSATM with some travel to pilot districts.
2.      Objectives

5. The objectives of the consultancy are to assist both the MSATM and SSYS to design and install a simple MIS based on the M&E Frameworks.  The systems should be modular in nature, user-friendly and sufficiently adaptable so as to allow the incorporation of future government programming and MIS needs.
3.      Scope of Work / Methodology

Task #1: Design Management Information System for MSATM
6.      This MIS Expert is required to equip MSATM with a user-friendly MIS. This assignment covers the design and installation of both systems and support to the project team in MIS implementation. The MIS will be based on the design parameters specified in the M&E Framework and developed by the M&E Experts hired separately.
7.      The MSATM will establish a new computerized MIS with appropriate user-friendly data input, reporting templates and User Manual in order to facilitate the general performance monitoring and reporting.
8.      Specially designed MIS software applications will be developed, enabling the DNDLOT and PMU staff to automatically update the database based on all the reports, information and data collected from the field on overall project performance and concrete progress by activity and component. The MIS will represent the basis for the preparation of the project reports as well as a learning tool that will enable adjustments of the activities part of the project implementation.
9.      The consultant will integrate the above reporting templates in the MIS so that the MIS, once fed with data for the given reporting period, could generate the reports automatically. The automatic preparation of the reports by the MIS will decrease the time needed for data calculation and evaluation, will increase the accuracy of the final data and will guarantee higher level of objectivity and transparency.
10.  In order to reflect the overall progress report and report by components, the reporting templates in the MIS will be designed to draw information from all the data entered in the MIS from the various reports collected by the Ministry.
Task #2: Install  Management Information System at MSATM
11.  Once the software package is ready, the consultant will install the software, test it and deliver training to the MIS Coordinators and other relevant staff.
12.  The consultant will make a follow up trip 3 months after installation of the system to monitor the progress of the MIS implementation and provide assistance if necessary.

4.      Outputs

13.  Documentation for each task is as follows:
14.  MIS Design (Tasks 1)
15.  The expected results of the design are the following:
  • Detailed report templates
  • Accessible MIS User Guide, including:
§         A detailed description of the database structure, with descriptions of all tables and their links;
§         Examples and templates for all the forms, reports, and summary-tables to be produced by the system, all of which should be in a simplified format and focused on key project outcomes or management decision-making needs;
§         A detailed description of the information flows in the project;
§         A list of the system users and a detailed description of their information needs;
§         Detailed description of the communication network on which the system will rely;
  • An estimated schedule for the development and installation of the management information system;
  • A more detailed work plan for development and implementation;
  • Technical specifications for the required equipment and software;
  • Review of the tools once the development and implementation are completed.

16.  MIS Installation and Training (Tasks 2)
  • Demonstration of a functioning MIS, through test data input and reports;
  • Training activities for project and government staff on MIS utilization.
  • Subsequent visit to monitor progress, make improvements and provide additional training as necessary.

5.      Time Schedule and Reporting Requirements

17.  Tentative time schedule to complete the task is 25 working days. Reporting requirement depicted below shall be presented in both Hard and Soft copies. The consultant will report directly to the Project Management Unit (PMU, component 2) and Technical Working Group, which is co-chaired by the Head of the PIU (Component 1) and the Head of the PMU (Component 2).
Table: Reporting schedule
Submission schedule
Consultancy work schedule
3 days after contract signing
Submission of First Drafts of MIS design
15 days after contract signing
Submission of First Draft of installation and Training Materials
18 days after contract signing
Completion of training
20 days after contract signing
Submission of Final MIS design, User Guides and necessary formats
25 days after contract signing

6.            Qualifications of consultants

18.  The following qualifications are required:
·        Proven experience of at least five years in designing and in-depth knowledge of Management Information Systems for local and community development projects and government institution.
·        Proven experience of at least 5 years in relational database design
·        Experience in training government staff in monitoring, evaluation and MIS systems
·        Experience in writing user guides for MIS
·        Extensive experience in web design or IT software functionality
·        Extensive experience in client-server architecture
·        Knowledge of standard administrative tools
·        Excellent communication skills
·        Ability to work in a team.
·        Proficiency in any of Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia or Tetum an advantage.

7.            Costs, Fees and Payments

a.      Consultant’s fee

19.  The consultant will submit a lump sum contract based on a detailed requirement of the consultancy and will not claim any additional payments to compensate for any loss due to price escalation or any unforeseen situations, and the assignment is expected to require 25 working days.

    1.  Schedule for payment and cost estimates

20.  The amount and schedule for payment of fee to the consultant will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract agreement made between the client and the consultant. However, the following schedule shown below will be used as a basis for further negotiation.

Schedule of Payment

Percentage of Total Consultancy Cost
Upon contract signing and presentation of work schedule
Upon submission and acceptance by the GoTL of the draft outputs (MIS design, User Guide, training materials, necessary formats)
Upon submission and acceptance by the GoTL of the final outputs (MIS, User Guide, training materials, necessary formats)

8.            Expected GoTL Input

21.  MSATM are expected to avail all necessary inputs such as providing background documents, facilitating cooperation of stakeholders. MSATM is also committed to ensuring timely review of draft reports, as well as ensuring timely payment.
Interest candidate; please submit your application composed of; cover letter, newest CV and copy of education certificate and other relevant supporting documents to:
Director Direcao Nacional de Administracao e Financas (DNAF), Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Management (Estatal)
Rua: Jacinto Candido, Colmera, Dili.
Phone#: 727 3202

The deadline for submission of application is March 17, 2010.

Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Management (MSATM), Finance Officer, Deadline March 17, 2010.


Direcao Nacional de Administracao e Financas


Job Title: Finance Officer

Reporting to: Finance Director - Ministry of State Adminstration and Territorial                                           Management

Duration: 1 year (renewable dependent on performance review)

Location: Ministry of State Adminstration and Territorial Management (MSATM)


The Youth Development Project (YDP)

The Finance office will be overseen by  the Finance Director of the Ministry of Sate Administration and Territorial Management and will be responsible for the day to day financial record keeping and preparation of financial reports for the YDP which is a three year project financed by the World Bank.

The YDP commenced in March 2009 and aims to to promote youth empowerment and inclusion in development by (i) expanding the capacities of and opportunities for youth groups to initiate and participate in local development initiatives and (ii) strengthening the Government’s capacity to assess and respond to youth needs and aspirations.

The Ministry of State Adminstration is the Government body responsible for the majority of the implemetation of the YDP, including the maintence of all financial records for the Project.


The Finance Officer (FO) shall work under the direction of the MSATM Finance Director, and in close cooperation with the Project Coordinator and the Technical Working Group of the YDP,  to ensure efficient and effective financial management of all financial management aspects of the Project.  The FO will maintain the financial management system which includes (a) monitoring and assisting in the reviews of the program budget; (b) financial transaction processing (c) ensure timely, accurate, transparent and accountable financial reporting; and (d) coordination of project external audit.


A.        Core functions

·            Operate the project financial management system to support efficient and effective implementation of program activities. 
·            Complete monthly bank reconciliations of the projects bank account.
·            Prepare Withdrawal Aplications and complete the required documentation to replenish the project’s bank account as required.
·            In consultation with the Finance Director of MSATM, the responsible Director in SSYS,and the coordinator of the Youth for Development maintain the project budget based on the procument plan and the planned implementation of activites.
·            Maintain accurate records for any cash advances to districts and sucos and carry out periodic reconciliations.
·            Prepare quarterly financial monitoring reports for the YDP in the format as required by the World Bank  on a timely basis.
·            Prepare other financial performance reports as required by management.
·            Monitor project adviser contracts for both components of the YDP to ensure the outstanding balance can be determined at any point any time and staff cash advances and receivables to enable timely reporting of program expenses.
·            Maintain the filing system of the project’s financial documentation.
·            Prepare project external audit requirements such as financial reports and schedules required by extenal auditors, respond to Management Letter (ML), and respond to external auditor queries.
·            Prepare finance related correspondence on behalf of the Project.
·            Perform tasks and assignments as required to support objectives of the Project.

The position requires the highest degree of confidentiality and integrity.


A.      Technical competencies

·            Degree in Accountancy, Finance or other relevant post secondary accounting qualifications.

·            At least three years bookeepping experience transactions recording, budgeting, reporting, and spreadsheet management. 
·            Experience in World Bank/ UN or other donor program financial management an advantage.
·            Demonstrated computer literacy skills in the operation of relevant Microsoft Office applications especially spreadsheets.    
·            Professional proficiency in English language both spoken and written.  
·            Demonstrated ability to work with a minimum of supervision. 
·            Ability to work and take on tasks and assignments related to program management.
·            Ability to acquire knowledge of FreeBalance if required;

Interes candidate,  please submit your application composed of; cover letter, newest CV and copy of education certificate and other relevants supporting documents to :
Director Direcao Nacional de Administracao e Financas (DNAF) , Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Management (Estatal)
Rua: Jacinto Candido, Colmera, Dili.
Phone #: 727 3202

The deadline for submission of application is March 17, 2010.

UNFPA, Driver, Deadline March 12, 2010.



Job Title: Driver   
Organization: MSS/UNPFA
Organization Description: United Nations
Job Location: Dili with travels to the District
Type of Contract: Service Contract
Duration: 1 year initially with possibility of renewal, (three months probation period apply)
Closing Date: 12/03/2010

Summary:  The incumbent serves as the UNFPA driver responsible for the safe transport of UNFPA staff in Dili and other Districts or countrywide and ensuring the vehicles are properly maintained and kept in good condition. Driver reports on the state of the vehicle to supervisor and takes all the necessary dispositions. This position reports to the Logistic and Procurement Assistant.

Essential functions include (but are not limited to):

  1. Under the supervision/coordination of the Logistic and Procurement Assistant for Gender Project, the incumbent drives for the assigned vehicle to transport authorized project’s personnel, documents and other supplies & equipment if requested.
  2. Responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle:  Checks oil, water, battery, brakes, tires, etc., and reports any failure observed in the vehicle to his Supervisor to arrange for external repairs. 
  3. Ensures that the vehicle is kept clean and in good working order, logs official trips, daily mileage, gas/fuel consumption, oil changes, greasing and other services in timely manner.
  4. Ensures that the steps required by rules and regulations are taken in case of any of involvement in accidents (brief to be written and provided to all Drivers).  
  5. Supports the Programme staff during the implementation of the DHS/Census activities facilitating their movements. Must be reliable and punctual.
  6. The incumbent will assist other Project Staff to facilitate the implementation of activities as needed by the team such as but not limited to photocopying and deliveries etc.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education/ Skills: complete Secondary School, driving license and skills in minor vehicle repairs.
-  At least 5 years of practical experience in vehicle driving, preferably part of it acquired in the UN System or NGOs.
-  Knowledge of local conditions and the administrative regions of Timor Leste.

Other competencies:
-                      Initiative - Independent - Sound judgment – Flexible - Service-oriented approach - Problem solving and action-oriented.

Language Requirements
      - Fluency in Tetum Knowledge of Portuguese and/or Bahasa an advantage.

Candidates should submit a Cover Letter, Recent Curriculum Vitae and P11 form in a sealed envelope marking “Confidential” and mentioned the post being applied at the top of the envelope, by 12th March  2010 at the latest to the following address:

UN House,
Caicoli Street,
Dili, Timor-Leste
or email to:

Note : May get the P11 form at the security house at the back gate of Obrigado Barracks compound (opposite Palacio da Cinzas) or get the soft copy by sending an email to the above email address.

UNFPA, National Project Assistant - Gender Based Violence Referral Network Project (Re-advertised), Deadline March 19, 2009.

Terms of Reference


Job Title: National Project Assistant – Gender Based Violence Referral Networks Project
Organization: United Nations Population Fund
Organization Description: United Nations
Job Location: Timor-Leste (Dili)
Duration: 12 months
Closing Date: 19th March 2010                     

General Overview of Position:

UNFPA works in partnership with the Secretariat of State for Promotion of Equality (SEPI) in Timor-Leste to implement a large national project to strengthen national capacity to address Gender Based Violence (GBV).  One of the main priorities of this project has been the establishment of a functional network of services for victims of GBV.  The existing network includes a Safe Room in the national hospital, psycho-social counseling services, a shelter and a legal assistance service for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.  UNFPA and SEPI provide financial and technical support to these services. 

As the coordinating entity in relation to GBV on behalf of the government, SEPI is now looking to strengthen this network of services and formalise the referral pathway between the various actors.  In particular, SEPI is looking to improve coordination between the services that exist, develop and implement referral protocols, extend and promote the existing services into rural areas, establish uniform data collection standards, and integrate child protection services into the network.  At the same time, SEPI will work with the relevant government ministries, such as the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS) to support and formalise the network. 

Accordingly, we now wish to recruit a National Project Assistant with experience working in gender based violence to support the work of an International Coordinator for this project. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the Project Coordinator and the Director of the National Division of Social Reinsertion (DNRS) within MSS, the Project Assistant will be required to:

  1. Assist the Project Coordinator in completing all necessary tasks, including:

    1. Updating an existing mapping of the referral network of support services in Timor-Leste for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse;
    2. Establishing a formal coordination mechanism between key service providers within the referral network of support services;
    3. Extending the referral network of support services to the regions, namely, Baucau, Oecussi, Suai and Maliana;
    4. Supporting MSS in its capacity as Joint Chair of the Referral Network Support Services Working Group;
    5. Developing and implementing referral protocols to improve the functioning of the referral network of support services, in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, including NGO partners and government ministries, in line with the principles contained in the draft domestic violence legislation.
    6. Developing and implementing standard data collection procedures for all key service providers. 
  2. Organise consultation meetings, field trips and undertake all other administrative duties as required.
  3. Act as an interpreter and translator for the Project Coordinator.


  1. Relevant university qualification, preferably in Development Studies, Social Work or Public Health
  2. 3 years experience working in Gender Based Violence and/or Child Protection in Timor-Leste
  3. 3 years experience working in Office Administration
  4. Fluency in Tetum and English (written and spoken). Knowledge of Portuguese or Bahasa Indonesia an advantage.
  5. Ability to use own initiative, work independently, execute sound judgment and demonstrate good interpersonal relations with various actors at both the government and community level;

Candidates should submit a Cover Letter, Recent Curriculum Vitae and P11 form in a sealed envelope marking “Confidential” and mentioned the post being applied at the top of the envelope, by 19th March 2010 at the latest, to the following address:

UNFPA Representative,
UN House,
Caicoli Street,
Timor-Leste or email to:

NOTE : P11 form you can take the hard copy from the security at the back gate of Obrigado barracks compound  opposite to the Previous Palacio da Cinzas or you can get the soft copy by sending email to the above email address.