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Education Development Center (EDC), Finance Officer, Deadline June 09, 2010.

Finance Officer, USAID PAS project, Timor Leste

Position Description
Education Development Center is seeking a Finance Officer for a USAID-funded youth program called Prepara Ami ba Servisu (PAS). The position is for four months and will report to the Finance and Administration Manager.

Project Description
PAS will provide minimally-educated rural men and women, ages 16-30, with a 8-month workforce preparation program that combines off-the-job instruction with on-the-job training. Elements of this program include literacy/language learning, employability and life-skills training, entrepreneurship training, and vocational skill building.  The program combines formal instruction with on-the-job training in some of the country’s most rural areas.

Job Responsibilities
  • Collect, review, and process payment requests
  • Collect and verify timesheets
  • Prepare and transmit monthly accounting reports to the home office
  • Assist with asset management
  • Assist with budget tracking
  • Help to ensure all transactions are properly authorized
  • Reconcile and manage office petty cash box/accounts
  • Reconcile travel advances
  • Maintain files with copies of supporting documents
  • Maintain QB accounting system
  • Perform other accounting duties as assigned

Organizational Relationship
  • Supervisor: Finance and Administration Manager

Required Job Qualifications
§  University level/degree in Accountancy or related course with at least 2 years of accounting experience
§  Experience working with USAID-funded projects preferred but not required
§  Familiarity in the use of Quick Books Accounting system

For this position candidate must be Timorese citizen.  All applications are due by June 9, 2010 and should be sent to

Education Development Center (EDC), Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Deadline June 09, 2010.

Education Development Center Inc. (EDC), a US-based, non-profit education research and development organization, is implementing the USAID Prepara Ami ba Servisu (PAS) program in Timor Leste. This program provides young, minimally-educated rural men and women with a workforce preparation program that combines off-the-job instruction with on-the-job training.

We are currently seeking a dynamic and qualified person for the position of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.  This position will be reporting to the Communications, Performance and Research (CPR) Manager and will be based at EDC Office in Dili but will have extensive travel to PAS learning center locations currently in Manufahi, Oecusse, Lautem, Covalima, Aileu, Ainaro and Manatuto.   
Position description:
Forming the core of the CPR Section, the M&E officer will be responsible for ensuring the collection, compilation and analysis of a variety of quantitative and qualitative data to: 1) meet program evaluation, reporting and documentation requirements; 2) support evidence-based programming and decision-making; and 3) build institutional knowledge of best practices in youth programming and workforce development.  This includes assisting the CPR manager with the assessment and creation of integrated systems for monitoring & evaluation, program analysis and research.

Drawing upon an understanding of regional program activities and planning, the M&E officer will translate familiarity with PAS programming logic into the proper measurement, recording and analysis of objective performance results to meet reporting requirements and ensure the achievement of program objectives.  This includes: a) collecting data from sub-grant partners regarding performance of PAS youth (result 1) for use in quarterly reports to USAID, PAS fact sheets and newsletters, case studies and other documents; and b) tracking the progress of sub-grant partners in their ability to provide strong monitoring & evaluation data (result 2), with the provision of further training in M&E to partners, as needed.

Based on careful analysis of program data, the M&E officer will support the CPR manager to make recommendations to Program Staff and the CoP concerning program design and capacity-building for local partners.  To that end, the M&E officer will draw upon a detailed knowledge of performance results to help provide the evidence and analytic tools necessary for the Senior Management Team to make informed, strategic decisions about program implementation and progress.

The M&E officer will also assist the CPR manager with design and data collection for research on Phase III outcomes, including training sub-grantee partners to perform follow-up evaluation of PAS program graduates, conducting interviews with graduates and assistance with designing case studies of successfully sustainable livelihood choices. 

Qualifications requirement:
A precise thinker, with superior attention to detail and organizational skills, and a proven capacity to think analytically about program results and needs. 

Ability and willingness to communicate M&E requirements to local partners and provide the necessary training to ensure proper documentation and analysis to meet reporting goals.

Strong communication, interpersonal and listening skills with an ability to promote and foster fluid information-sharing and integration of activities across functional units. Willingness to independently seek out new information sources and channels.
Strong writing skills in English, with ability to accurately compile data and analyze program results.  Capacity to work under pressure and deliver high-quality results while meeting reporting deadlines.

Period: 15 June 2010 – 20 September 2010 (with possibility of extension)

For this position candidate must be Timorese citizens.  All applications are due by June 9, 2010 and should be sent to

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OXFAM, Communications Consultant, Deadline May 28, 2010.

Terms of Reference

Communications Consultant
Oxfam International Timor-Leste Program
Responsible to:
Country Director
Dili, Timor-Leste
June 2010 – 10 Days

Proposals are sought from suitably qualified and experienced consultants and/or organizations.
In September 2009 Oxfam commissioned a midline survey of its EC funded food security program in Oecusse and Covalima districts – the COPE for LIFE program. The final report was submitted in April 2010 and is over 100 pages in length.

The purpose of this consultancy is to review and edit the English language version of the midline survey report and produce a final version that is more appropriate for publication and wider dissemination, and which preferably connects to the wider food security situation within the country. The final report also must meet the visibility requirements of the EC Delegation.

The Consultant will:
  • Read and review the English language version of the midline survey report, and discuss key findings with people involved in the survey process.
  • Re-format and edit, using the following sections: introduction; background & survey rationale; methodology; key findings (impacts, changes, progress against indicators); learnings; discussion; recommendations.
  • Edit and synthesize the qualitative data presented in the report to give a concise and coherent picture of the food security situation in the surveyed communities.
  • Link the key findings with the wider food security situation, and policy framework in Timor-Leste.
  • Ensure the final publication is in-line with EC visibility guidelines.

Timeline and completion date
The assignment shall be finished by June 11th 2010.

Work arrangements
·         The consultant will be expected to work independently and off-site;
·         Communication with Oxfam staff to discuss key findings of survey may take place face-to-face or over phone.
·         Costs incurred should be included in daily rate submitted with Proposal and will not be reimbursed separately.

Qualifications and experience required
The successful candidate / organization will have:
  • Previous writing and editing experience for external audience.
  • Experience with both qualitative and quantitative information.
  • Ability to synthesize and analyze information and link to policy recommendations.
  • Excellent written English language skills and higher education required.

Proposals should include a covering letter outlining your skills, experience, and suitability for this consultancy position.  It should also include a CV, relevant writing sample, availability, fee, and a minimum of two references.   E-mail proposal to Anne Heese, OD/Human Resources Manager, via email at: by no later than Friday, May 28 at 12:00 PM NOON. Proposals received after this deadline will not be considered.

Care International Timor-Leste, Qualitative Data Analysis / Gender Consultant, Deadline June 1, 2010.

CARE International Timor Leste - CITL

Position Title: Qualitative Data Analysis / Gender Consultant- 1
Place of Assignment:Dili
Duration:2 -3 weeks, completed before 25 June 2010
Reports to: Program Coordinator
Fee: USD$ 2000.00

In 2006-2007m CARE International Timor Leste (CITL) conducted an internal Gender and Diversity Analysis to assess the enabling environment within CITL for advancing women’s empowerment, gender equality, and diversity among staff. Several Focus Group Disscussion (FDGs) and interviews took place with the staff working in projects and support. However, no adequate analysis of this data has been completed to date.

The objective of this consultancy is to analysis the handwritten FGD and interview notes in tetum and present a summary report of the predominant themes in the data and conclusion of the analysis.

-          Review the questionnaires and guides used for the FGDs and interviews to become familiar with questions used and the kind of information being sought.
-          Develop a simple thematic framework for coding the responses given by participants.
-          Code the responses according to the thematic framework.
-          Write a report (in either Tetum or English) that summarizes the findings of the analysis, including examples of predominant responses and issues identified.

  • Experience in qualitative data analysis and ability to present examples of this work.
  • Familiarity with gender and diversity concepts
  • Fluent in tetum with some English skill
  • English writing skills highly desirable but not required
  • Ability to work quickly and independently and meet deadlines

For those who are interested for this position, please submit the application letter and Curriculum Vitae with two references. to HR Unit, CARE International Timor-Leste, Bairro Pite Dili, OR by email The closing date for applications is 01 June 2010 at 5pm  and only the applicant who shortlist will be contacted.

Ministerio das Financas, Lead Procurament Advisor, Deadline June 14, 2010.

Lead Procurament Adviser
Government of Timor-Leste
Planning And Financial Management Capacity Building Program-Ministry Of Finance
Closing date: 14 Jun 2010
Location: Timor-Leste - Dili


Terms of Reference

Position: Lead Procurement Adviser
Contract No: DGSF 15
Objectives: To strengthen the capacity of management and staff in the National Directorate of Procurement to implement procurement reforms, and ensure efficient, transparent and quality procurement across government.
Reporting: Director General for State Finances through the Senior Management Adviser State Finances.
PIU-PFMCBP (for operational and contractual purposes)
Counterpart: Director of Procurement Services
Duration: June 2011
Location: Ministry of Finance, Dili, East Timor

Selection Criteria:

- At least a Masters degree from a recognised university or related institution.
- Minimum twelve years experience at a senior level in strategic public procurement (planning and implementation) and/or related management role in a public sector institution.
- Extensive experience in public procurement reform and change, preferably in the area of decentralizing procurement functions to line ministries.
- Thorough understanding of centralized and decentralized procurement systems.
- Demonstrated track record of providing policy advice on public procurement reform in a developing country context.
- Knowledge of quality assurance systems; experience in implementing such systems.
- Experience in helping to instigate and promote a culture of customer service delivery.
- Demonstrated experience in managing change processes in procurement reforms.
- Advanced technical knowledge of public sector procurement policy, strategic sourcing and contracting.
- Extensive experience in setting up and monitoring capacity development programs in procurement units.
- English language fluency with willingness to learn Tetum and or Portuguese.
- Extensive computer literacy skills.
- Familiarity with FMIS and FreeBalance Financial Accountability would be an asset.
- Familiarity with World Bank’s Procurement Rules, Guidelines and Policy would be an advantage.
- Experience in providing high-level policy advice on procurement policy and related issues to government ministers and other senior public sector officials would be an advantage.


The Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste intends to recruit a Lead Procurement Adviser for its Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program (PFMBP). PFMCBP is a five-year technical assistance program supported by a grant from the International Development Association and a co-financing Multi-Donor Trust Fund. The Program started in late 2006, and is scheduled to end in June 2011. PFMCBP provides technical assistance to strengthen capacity in the Ministry of Finance for prudent, effective and accountable planning and management of public finances to promote growth and poverty reduction. .

PFMCBP has assisted the Government of Timor-Leste take forward an important reform agenda. Key achievements include implementation of a major reorganization of the Ministry of Finance; strengthening public expenditure management through simplification and strengthening of treasury systems and processes, and increased delegation of authority to line ministries; improved revenue management, including increased transparency in tax administration and reinforcing Petroleum Tax administration; and a gradual improvement in macroeconomic planning. There are important challenges ahead as the Ministry of Finance implements a strong reform program in a capacity constrained environment. PFMCBP itself has a challenge to build capacity and enable an increased transfer of responsibility to Timorese public servants.


The aim of the General Directorate for State Finances is to support the on-going process of reform and capacity building within the Ministry of Finance. This design attempts to achieve this in a fashion consistent with the need to be flexible enough to meet the variable demands associated with post conflict states. The backbone of the reform program has been the review of the entire set of processes within the Ministry of Finance and the re-design and implementation of the new processes to enable a more holistic and coordinated approach to financial management.

The General Directorate for State Finances performs basic ‘line’ functions of the Ministry including; preparation of the national budget and management of the performance budgeting information system; accounting for all revenues and payments and making all payments on behalf of government; implementing the procurement and audit policies; management of government assets; and regulation and financing of public autonomous authorities.

Significant achievements have already been seen within the Directorate, including the use of a single set of chart of accounts, the continuation of the procurement devolution, the design of the new procurement law and, the design of the new public finance law. Embedding these gains will also be an important focus of the PFMCBP efforts. There are five National Directorates within the General Directorate for State Finance; Procurement Treasury; Budget; Asset Management; and, Autonomous Public Authorities.


Scope of Work

The Lead Procurement Adviser will work with the Senior Management Adviser (SMA) State Finances, the Director of Procurement Services and relevant staff and Advisers across the Ministry on the following:

1. Primary Function: Capacity Building of counterpart

- Capacity building of direct counterpart through on the job training, formal training, coaching and mentoring
Evaluation of capacity building outcome and adjustment of strategies as required
- Provide technical and management advice and support to the Director of Procurement Services on the implementation of reform initiatives.

2. Secondary function: Capacity building at departmental level

- Develop capacity building plan for department (if not available) to ensure institutional capacity building based on an assessment of existing capacity and required skills for the National Directorate of Procurement.
- Implement and monitor capacity building for department and assess outcome, adjust plan if required
- Provide guidance and monitor advisers attached to department to ensure capacity building initiatives at their levels are implemented and successful
- Develop a monitoring mechanism to determine the capacity of the line agencies to manage their devolved procurement responsibilities.
- Foster a culture of customer-service and client-friendliness within the Ministry including the values of professionalism, accountability, transparency and risk management awareness.
- Work collaboratively with other advisers to maximize compliance and good practice in public finance management, thereby avoiding duplication of roles and consistent focus on knowledge transfer to Timorese nationals.

3. Tertiary function: Undertake line functions as necessary, supporting the Director in his day to day management of the department

- Set strategic directions for the Procurement Service.
- Lead and manage the Procurement Advisors in providing technical support and capacity building in the areas of strategic, business and procurement reforms taking on board relevant recommendations from pertinent reports available at the Ministry of Finance.
- Develop procurement policy positions and lead complex projects, including coordination with relevant teams on technical specifications in the preparation of requests for proposals.
- Oversight the contracting activities of strategic procurement, business operations and process work.
- Initiate and maintain effective working and information exchange relationships with other areas of the Ministry of Finance, with other Ministries, suppliers and the business community.
- Negotiate with stakeholders and peers with the object of gaining co-operation, influencing views and meeting timelines.
- Ensure the maintenance of quality procedures, transparency in all actions, plans and processes, problem solving of procurement issues, and to facilitate smooth and prompt implementation of the procurement transactions under the Ministry of Finance. Support the Ministry in its efforts to make the procurement processes more transparent and accessible to the public.
- Provide quality assurance support to the Minister of Finance by ensuring that documents for her approval are compliant with relevant rules and regulations.
- Perform a key role in advising the Minister of Finance on institutional aspects of the decentralization of procurement to line ministries and developing a system for monitoring and evaluation procurement by line ministries.
- Provide support to the decentralization of the Ministry’s procurement function, especially related to its human resources
- Other duties as may be prescribed by the Minister of Finance and or the PFMCBP.

Key Deliverables
- Prepare an Assignment Work Plan, with specific timelines and expected outcomes within 4 weeks of commencement of assignment.
- Prepare a Procurement Capacity Building Plan within 6 weeks of commencement.
- Prepare Monthly Reports on outcomes and potential impacts of work progress.
- Prepare Six-Monthly Progress Reports on outcomes of capacity building initiatives.
- Develop Quality Control Standards for use by line ministries.
- Develop a Manualized Operational System to manage and lead the undertakings of the Procurement Advisors in the National Directorate
- Undertake training and monitoring system in procurement processes in line ministries: Developed, implemented and delivered to at least 3 line ministries
- Prepare Process Flow Charts in support of the effective working and information exchange relationships with other areas of the Ministry of Finance, with other Line Ministries and suppliers.
- Develop a Strategic Plan with implementation timelines to foster a culture of customer-service and client-friendliness within the Ministry of Finance including the values of professionalism, accountability, transparency and risk management awareness, discussed and validated by the National Directorate for Procurement.
- Prepare Monthly, Quarterly, Bi Annual and Annual Progress Reports and other related reports as may be required by the SMA (State Finances) and the Senior Program Manager PFMCBP.
- Perform related duties as may be required by the National Directorate for Procurement, the Senior Management Adviser (State Finances) and the Senior Program Manager PFMCBP.


Within the first four (4) weeks of the assignment, the Consultant shall prepare a Work Plan based on the objectives of the assignment and specific functions for approval by the Senior Management Adviser for State Finances and concurrence with the Senior Program Manager – PFMCBP, prior to implementation.

Within the first six (6) weeks of the assignment, the Consultant shall prepare a capacity building workplan, as outlined above. This will be prepared in consultation with human resource development staff and specialist advisers in the ministry. The Consultant shall then provide a duly endorsed monthly Workplan Progress Report to the National Director of Procurement and Senior Management Adviser for State Finances as well as the Senior Program Manager - PFMCBP, on the progress and or completion of the activities outlined in the Work Plan.

The Consultant shall discuss and submit an End of Assignment Progress Report summarizing work undertaken against the Work Plan, the degree to which the work has concluded, and a statement of outstanding tasks to the Senior Management Adviser and Senior Program Manager-PFMCBP no later than ten (10) working days before the end of the contract.


Performance shall be assessed by the Programme Implementation Unit (PIU) in accordance with the functions and agreed deliverables in the TOR and the performance review framework for advisors that has been put in place in the PFMCBP. This position is subject to performance evaluations every six (6) months to ensure satisfactory progress in the implementation of the functions of the position. There is a probitionary period of three months.
How to apply

Please visit our website at and go to ‘Employment Opportunity’ to learn about our recruitment process and your application requirements including how to address the Selection Criteria in your application.

Applications must be sent to our Programme Implementation Officer-PFMCBP at email address, no later than14th June 2010. Applications should include a covering letter and a detailed resume of no more than 7 pages. All applicants must also complete the Competency Framework Matrix below delineating how they have met the requirements. We do not expect that you would just cut and paste from your resume but rather explain concisely and succinctly how you have met these competences, possibly providing brief examples etc. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Competency Framework Matrix - Lead Procurement Adviser

At least a Masters degree from a recognised university or related institution.
Minimum twelve years experience at a senior level in strategic public procurement (planning and implementation) and/or related management role in a public sector institution.
Extensive experience in public procurement reform and change, preferably in the area of decentralizing procurement functions to line ministries.
Thorough understanding of centralized and decentralized procurement systems.
Demonstrated track record of providing policy advice on public procurement reform in a developing country context.
Knowledge of quality assurance systems; experience in implementing such systems.
Experience in helping to instigate and promote a culture of customer service delivery.
Demonstrated experience in managing change processes in procurement reforms.
Advanced technical knowledge of public sector procurement policy, strategic sourcing and contracting.
Extensive experience in setting up and monitoring capacity development programs in procurement units.
English language fluency with willingness to learn Tetum and or Portuguese.
Extensive computer literacy skills.
Familiarity with FMIS and FreeBalance Financial Accountability would be an asset.
Familiarity with World Bank’s Procurement Rules, Guidelines and Policy would be an advantage.
Experience in providing high-level policy advice on procurement policy and related issues to government ministers and other senior public sector officials would be an advantage.

Reference Code: RW_85N93L-37

Triangle GH, Procurement Officer, Deadline May 28, 2010.


Job Description

 1.      Post Title
Procurement Officer

2.      Supervision
Procurement Manager/Procurement Assistant

3.      Duty Station
Dili Office

4.      Terms of reference
Triangle GH is a French Organization of International Solidarity that has been implementing activities in Timor Leste since 2005 in the fields of water & sanitation and psychosocial activities.

Triangle GH stands as the water sector lead for the District Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene Services (DWASH) Program.

A.     Requirements
·         Must have drivers license.
·         Knowledge of Logistics and Procurement practices as it is relevant in Timor Leste.
·         Ability to perform responsibility and tasks as described in this Job Description.

B.      Main Responsibilities
·         Should anticipate and animate the respect of the purchase process of TGH intern to the project.
·         To support the TGH Procurement Assistant in his/her functions (offices) and replace him/her in case of absence.
·         To work in collaboration with the Procurement Assistant in order to insure the Purchase Procedure for the DWASH Program is adhered to.
·         Monitoring and delegation of deliveries, and to ensure the proper documentation of materials for water commodities sent from Dili Base to TGH work sites, Manatuto & Oecusse Districts.
·         Oversee the purchasing procedures of external transport and the identification of the various carriers on the market, and liaison with the person in charge of the operations of the carrier that they guarantee the respect of the TGH procedures.
·         To respect the TGH internal rules & regulations.
·         Follow up the inventory data after any purchase and delivery.

C.      The Procurement Officer daily tasks will be:
·         Adherence and respect of the Procurement Process.
·         Providing quotations and other relevant documents to suppliers and retrieving them when complete.
·         Ensure that all items to be delivered are the correct quantity and quality.
·         To identify the selected suppliers and report it to the Procurement Manager.
·         To coordinate with Procurement Assistant all payments for the Suppliers.
·         To work together with Procurement Assistant and support him/her in all activities necessary to carry out the Procurement Processes.
·         To prepare all documents and information to the Procurement Manager to prepare the weekly Purchase Follow up to send to District Coordinators for updates.
·         To coordinate with the Procurement Manager and Procurement Assistant for the weekly planning and assignments for the week.
·         To follow up on the inventory of the procured items and assets for the local NGO’s and report status to Procurement Assistant.
·         To follow the supervision and assignments of the Procurement Assistant and/or the Procurement Manager.

D.     Responsible to:
·         Procurement Manager

E.      Relationships:
·         Suppliers
·         CDM DWASH Administration
·         TGH Coordinators
·         National Staff

F.       Application process

 To apply for those position, sent a cover letter, current CV and professional references by email to Ms. Pascale Vulliez ( or delivery by hand at Triangle GH office, located in Fatuhada-Zero IV, Dili, Timor Leste.

Deadline 28 May 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

ICRC, Field Officer, Deadline June 2, 2010.

FAO Timor-Leste, National Project Officer, Deadline May 31, 2010.

Oxfam, Program Manager, Deadline June 07, 2010.

Oxfam International Timor-Leste Program

Program Manager – Humanitarian and Advocacy (maternity leave)
Deadline:  Monday, June 7, 5:00PM.

Oxfam’s Timor-Leste program is seeking qualified national staff to back-fill for Program Manager, Humanitarian & Advocacy.  This is a 12 month position to allow for optimal handover.   As the Oxfam International Humanitarian Lead in Timor-Leste, Oxfam needs to maintain its capacity to respond effectively to disasters. This role will be responsible for ensuring that Oxfam Timor-Leste program is able to respond effectively in the event of a humanitarian crisis, and also help to build national capacity in disaster preparedness. The maternity cover position will have responsibility for implementing the Rights in Crisis work plan (2010 – 2011) in three key areas: humanitarian protection, disaster preparedness and advocacy. Direct management of a team of four staff members will be an important component of the role and ensuring continuation of established staff capacity building plans. Some direct partner management at the national level will be required as well as some financial management responsibility.

Oxfam has been supporting development and humanitarian work in Timor-Leste for over 30 years and currently implements a multi-sectoral program by working in partnership with civil society organisations, working directly with communities and with government. Oxfam employs over 100 staff in Timor-Leste and is supported financially by a range of institutional and private donors.

Candidates must have:
•       Experience in humanitarian response contexts with demonstrated involvement in both disaster preparedness and response programming.
•       Knowledge and experience of advocacy work through partners
•       Knowledge of international humanitarian and accountability standards, including Sphere, the Red Cross Code of Conduct, the Good Enough Guide, IASC gender guidelines and protection standards.
•       Basic knowledge of the UN Humanitarian Reform and cluster system, institutions of the UN system and policies and guidelines related to humanitarian affairs
•       Understanding of the international legal framework (IHL, HR law, refugee law, IDP Guiding Principles)
•       Knowledge of specific protection tools (child protection, elder protection, minority protection etc)
•       Experience using participatory approaches to working with stakeholders, including affected communities
•       Excellent oral and written communication skills. English and Tetun or Bahasa Indonesia.
•       Relevant university degree (masters qualification preferred)
•       Budget management and report writing ability to a high standard

To be e-mailed a complete position description and  receive an Application Form, contact Beni Martins via or +(670)725-8486.   Please note that only applications submitted on our Application Form and received by 5:00PM Monday June 7 will be accepted.  They can be e-mailed to above e-mail address or sent to P.O. Box 152, Dili, Timor-Leste.

Only short listed candidates will be notified and applications will not be returned.

Care International Timor-Leste, Country Coordinator, Deadline June 04, 2010.

Country Coordinator, Timor-Leste
Closing Date: Friday, 04 June 2010



Closing date: 04 Jun 2010

Location: Timor-Leste

CARE is looking for a Country Coordinator to work in a proposed USAID-funded pilot project to implement a school dropout prevention project and assess its effectiveness and replicability. The first phase of the project will include a comprehensive assessment of the factors contributing to school dropout in East Timor after which a pilot intervention will be designed, implemented and evaluated.

The Country Coordinator is a senior position and will manage SDPP staff and activities in Timor Leste. In addition to management, s/he will serve as the primary representative of the SDPP project to the USAID mission, the Ministry of Education, and other partners and stakeholders.

Key duties and responsibilities:

- Represent the SDPP project and build relationships with Ministry of Education stakeholders and USAID;
- Establish a SDPP Country Coordination Body and facilitate an ongoing consultative process with Ministry stakeholders;
- Manage SDPP operations in , ensuring timely implementation of pilot activities and data collection;
- Support pre-implementation research and assessment;
- Support the project design process;
- Manage a country team of 2-3 professionals and 3-4 administrative staff, plus an implementation team of 12-15 in the field;
- Prepare quarterly reports and other reports as needed;
- Maintain regular communication with the Principal Investigator and Central Research Team in Washington, DC.


- Masters degree or equivalent;
- At least 5 years of experience in a senior project management position in the education sector;
- Experience with design and production of educational learning materials desired;
- Experience managing projects funded by USAID or other international donor agencies;
- Experience with research in the education sector;
- Oral and written fluency in and English;
Demonstrated ability to forge relationships with Government stakeholders.
How to apply
Reference Code: RW_85FNFL-19

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Timor-Leste Public Sector Capacity Development Program (PSCDP), Functional and Organisational Review of INAP, Deadline May 31, 2010.

Project Employment

Position:A055A: Functional and Organisational Review of the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP)

Project:Timor Leste Public Sector Capacity Development Program

Location:Dili, Timor-Leste

Assignment Starts:As soon as possible

Applications Close:31 May 2010

Duration:Up to 3 months

Advertised By:GRM International Brisbane

Timor-Leste Public Sector Capacity Development Program

Functional and Organisational Review of



GRM is the Managing Contractor for the Australian Government assistance provided to East Timor (Timor-Leste) via the Public Sector Capacity Development Program (PSCDP).

The goal of the East Timor (Timor-Leste) Public Sector Capacity Development Program is:

A sustainable and effective system of governance and public administration for the delivery of high quality public services.

The mission of the program is:
To strengthen capacity building institutions and processes to build individual and institutional public sector capacity in East Timor.

As part of this assistance the PSCDP designs activities and provides timely access to, amongst other things, high-level short and longer-term technical expertise in areas across the public sector.
Recruitment for the position will take place as follows:
  • GRM will review written applications to determine compliance with mandatory criteria and completion of application documentation (including providing a bid for professional fees) and the Selection Panel will prepare a shortlist of candidates for interview with reference to the Terms of Reference (A. Terms of Reference) and the Selection Criteria (B. Selection Criteria);
  • Interviews will be conducted by phone and the panel will most likely include representatives of the Government of Timor-Leste; and a PSCDP staff member.
  • A decision will be made on the successful applicant following referee checks.

Instructions for Applicants:

All applications are screened for compliance upon receipt. Only those applications that comply with all instructions and include a completed Application Cover Sheet (see below) will be forwarded to the staff responsible for assessment.

To access a copy of the Terms of Reference, Selection Criteria and Application Cover Sheet, please click HERE

Please submit your application to Hilary Goode via email on: Contact via email or on +61 3 8676 6820 if you have any questions.

Please submit with your application:
  • A completed application cover sheet, available below;
  • A covering letter of no more than 3 pages addressing your suitability for the position against criteria outlined below. The cover letter must demonstrate your understanding of the requirements of the position and address each of the Qualifications, Experience and Skills Criteria as well as Language/Interpreter requirements mentioned in the Terms of Reference;
  • A price per month in $AUD – exclusive of standard allowances and reimbursable expenses (ie professional fees only). Standard allowances and reimbursable expenses are noted at C. Standard Allowances in the Terms of Reference below; and
  • Your curriculum vitae.

Applications should be in English and should not contain any additional material.


A panel will assess applications on the basis of technical merit and value for money.
Applications that are assessed by the panel as being technically suitable for the assignment will receive a financial assessment. Final scores will be weighted as follows:
                        80% for technical score
                        20% for financial score

\The final score is calculated as follows:
 (Lowest Price / Applicant’s Price x 20) + (Technical Score [out of 100] x 0.8)
 Note that only those candidates who are able to fulfil all the requirements of the position will receive a financial assessment.
CVs of suitable applicants will be added to the GRM Consultant Database

Ministerio das Infra-Estruturas, Deputy Project Coordinator, June 5, 2010.

República Democrática de Timor Leste

Ministério das Infra-Estruturas

Project Management Unit
Our Roads Our Future – Supporting Local Governance and Small Scale Infrastructure Works

Invitation to Submit Expression of Interest and Curriculum Vitae Proposal
Deputy Project Coordinator


 1. The Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste has received a grant from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction through Asian development Bank (ADB) towards the cost of “Our Roads, Our Future – Supporting Local Governance and Community Based Infrastructure Works”. Part of this grant will be used for consulting services for the Timorese national position of Deputy Project Coordinator that will work under the supervision of a Project Coordinator and in coordination with other Project Management Unit members of the Road Network Development Sector Project. The position is a full time position, for approximately 2 years, with a possible extension based on performance until March 2014Terms of Reference (TOR) are provided in attachment, or can be obtained from the Office address provided in Section III.

2. Provided that you are interested in undertaking the assignments under the Project, you are hereby invited to submit an Expression of Interest together with your curriculum vitae for the services required under the TOR. The competence of the staff will be considered by the MOI on its relevant experience and capabilities to handle ADB projects in Timor Leste. There will be a ranking of shortlisted candidates and the first ranked will be invited for financial negotiations and ultimately a contract will be signed between the Consultant and the MOI. It is anticipated that contract negotiation with consultant would take place in June 2010 and the assignment would commence in June 2010.

3. Your submission of Expression of Interest with the Curriculum Vitae shall remain valid for a period of 45 days after the submission date of 5 June 2010. During this period you shall maintain your availability for the said position. The MOI will make its best effort to complete negotiations within this period. If the negotiation cannot be completed on the said period of time, the MOI may request to extend the validity period of your proposal. You have the right to refuse to extend the validity period of your proposal.


4. The curriculum vitae submitted together with the Expression of Interest will be used for the selection of the Deputy Project Coordinator. The individual should demonstrate:

-       At least 5 years of experience with rural community and/or local governance development projects;
-       Solid field experience implementing community based infrastructure projects in rural areas preferred;

-       Experience dealing with or working for international NGOs and/or consulting firms

-       Experience coordinating and working closely with local government counterparts

-       Good project management and problem solving skills

-       Good communication skills with multiple stakehold ers including in front of large groups

-       Ability and willingness to have extended travel across three districts

-       Experience handling ADB projects in Timor Leste is preferred

-       Basic knowledge of English is required, fluency in English is preferred

-       A university degree in economics/development or relevant experience

-       At least 2 years of experience in a management role

-       Strong planning and organization skills

-       Team-building and problem- solving skills


5. The Expression of Interest and detailed curriculum vitae should be prepared in English and should be submitted in three (3) hard copies only each to reach the following address not later than 3:00PM on 5 June 2010;

Ministry of Infrastructure

Project Management Unit

Avenida Martires da Patria

Dili, Timor-Leste

Attention : Mrs. Jeanne Everett – Project Coordinator

Telephone : (+670) 3311024

Mobile: (+670) 744 4741

Facsimile : (+670) 3311038

Email :
6. It is recommended strongly that you send your proposal to MOI by personal delivery. Electronic submission will not be allowed. The MOI requires that the candidate must certify his/her own curriculum vitae. Both the candidate’s signature and date of signing should be provided in the curriculum vitae.


7. The curriculum vitae will be evaluated, prior to the invitation for financial negotiation, on the basis of the qualification of the individual candidate to be selected. A summary of criteria to be used for evaluating the curriculum vitae will also be provided together with the TOR in the Office address in Section III. It is expected that the curriculum vitae will score a minimum of 75 percent of the total points.

8. Following the completion of evaluation of curriculum vitae, the financial negotiation will be conducted with the Consultant.


9. Financial Negotiation will be held at the MOI Office to be given by the person indicated in Section III above, following MOI’s invitation to attend negotiation.

10. The invited Consultant will, as a pre-requisite for attendance at the negotiation, must confirm his/her availability for the position required. Failure in satisfaction of such requirement may result in the MOI’s decision to invite another Consultant.

11. The financial negotiation will generally request the Consultant the remuneration. There will be no out-of-pocket expenditure items required for the services.

12. If contract negotiation fails for any reason, the MOI will invite another Consultant.


13. In the event that you may need additional information, we would try to provide such information expeditiously but any delay in providing you with such additional information will not be considered as a reason for extending the submission date of your proposal.

14 May 2010

Terms of Reference for Consulting Services

Deputy Project Coordinator

(national, 24 person-months)

The Deputy Project Coordinator will be responsible for the following:

      i.        Provide day-to-day oversight and coordination of project related procurement, contracting, logistics, planning and scheduling, training and construction activities in three project districts. These activities will be directly implemented by the NGO or Firm contracted by the project, and by district level government staff working under the District Administration and the Ministry of Infrastructure;

     ii.        Facilitate good collaboration between contracted NGO/Firm and local government staff, and address any challenges that might impede on this collaboration;

    iii.        Support the project coordinator in conducting rapid needs assessment /research activities at the beginning of the project and periodically throughout project implementation;

   iv.        Provide direction to the contracted NGO/firm and district officials in organizing initial orientation workshops in each district, assist the project coordinator in organizing central level seminars for project progress and results dissemination;

    v.        Participate in key milestone field-based activities on behalf of PMU such as community mobilization and awareness campaigns, site selection activities, initial trainings, opening ceremonies etc.;

   vi.        Provide advisory services to the contracted NGO/consulting firm regarding methodologies for community awareness raising, community contracting, mediation and problem solving throughout project implementation;

  vii.        Provide direct support to any individual consultants hired by PMU during the field-based portion of their assignment;

 viii.        Conduct spot-monitoring of field activities by collecting periodic feed-back from communities;
  1. Provide recommendations for improving project quality, accountability to beneficiaries, and mitigating the risk for conflict/disagreement over project implementation with the target communities and other stakeholders;

    x.        Assist the project coordinator in gathering and preparing information to be included in quarterly progress reports, socio-economic monitoring reports, and in collecting community self-evaluation reports;

   xi.        Provide basic translation services when required.

Typical travel requirements will be to spend one week per month in each of the project districts: Bobonaro, Covalima, and Oecussi, and the fourth week in Dili.