Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Triangle GH, District Coordinator.

District Coordinator - Job description

Funding: CDM via USAID Fund
Function: District coordinator
Duration: 6 month
Status: Volunteer or salaried depending on the experience. For further information and an application form visit www.trianglegh.org
Conditions: Monthly local per diem 420 €, social benefits, lodging and international transport and local within the mission scale.


Triangle Génération Humanitaire is an International Aid Organization created in 1994. It has initiated numerous programs in various countries and in doing so, has provided direct or indirect support to several hundreds of thousand persons. Its interventions are characterized by a global approach to humanitarian aid, combining Emergency and Development. The Association is a mainspring of projects which it elaborates with national partners by identifying and mobilizing local resources and competences.

Triangle is present in East Timor since 2004. In 2009 we have for objectives to:
  • Support to the victims of the crisis affecting East Timor through intercommunity conflicts reduction. Project in the area of Becora in Dili
  • Improve access to drinking water for rural population of Manatuto and Oecusse districts. Through DWASH project


  1. Objective

Within the DWASH program (USAID-GoTL), manage and coordinate the water sector activities at district level and ensure geographical coordination with the other sectors (NRM, sanitation and hygiene).

  1. Responsibilities

Under the direct authority of the Program Coordinator and the Head of Mission, the District Coordinator supervises the good implementation of the program and is responsible for the achievement of the program objectives at district level. In particular his/her main responsibilities are to:

·         Represent TGH at district level.
·         Manage the program at district level (budget management, HR management, material supply and warehouses management, water activities: community engagement process, rehabilitation/construction of water systems, etc.)
·         Plan, monitor, review the water activities and report on work progress
·         Manage TGH district team: technical (engineer, supervisor) and logistics (logistician, storekeepers).
·         Manage the coordination of the different stakeholders of the program: TGH team, local NGOs team, community-based water committees, local authorities and other DWASH partners. Especially is in direct collaboration with the local NGOs counterparts.
·         Ensure that the program is a community-based program (community engagement process), that community participation is enhanced in all the steps, and that community water groups are set up and trained to keep on the operation and maintenance of the water systems after completion of the works
·         Encourage gender aspects throughout the program
·         Ensure that TGH rules and regulations are enforced on site

  1. Main tasks

General management, planning and reporting
·         Develop and regularly update a comprehensive activities plan (including financial, logistic and time constraints)
·         Chair weekly meeting with DWASH water grant NGOs’ coordinators to review and plan the water activities
·         Chair weekly meetings to ensure geographical coordination between all DWASH sector NGOs at cluster level
·         Maintain weekly communication with DWASH Technical Advisor to report on general coordination issues and relationships with local governmental water authorities (SAS).
·         Assess the gaps and skills of the water grant NGOs and develop capacity building plan accordingly together with the NGOs and TGH team.
·         Participate to the setting up and review of water NGO financial budgets
·         Validate the written documents produced by the water grant NGOs
·         Ensure reporting of activities: weekly/monthly report to TGH Program Coordinator
·         Ensure coordination with TGH support sections at Dili level:
o        Program Coordinator for general program coordination
o        Dili Logistic team for logistic issues
o        Dili administrator for human resources, administration and financial aspects
o        Head of Mission for security issues
·         Inform TGH Program Coordinator of any occurred or potential dysfunctions that could impact negatively on the program

Team management
·         Draft and update the job descriptions of TGH national operational team,
·         Is responsible for the recruitment of the national operational staff
·         Carry out regular evaluations of TGH district national team
·         Supervise the district team: TGH district Engineer, TGH operational staffs, district logistician
·         Train and support TGH national team and DWASH water grant NGOs on the Community Engagement Process
·         Ensure safety and appropriate living and working conditions on all site operations and main district base

Operational activities
·         Participate to the selection of DWASH intervention area
·         Supervise the whole implementation of the water activities, in close collaboration with TGH district engineer: Community Engagement process, Technical assessment and Engineering Proposition, Reception and storage of materials, setting up and strengthening of Community water groups and implementation of rehabilitation/construction works.
·         Support the TGH district engineer:
o        Supervise technical choices (designs and types of materials)
o        Review technical documents
o        Review the operational procurements planning
o        Participate to the technical data collection and/or analysis; monitoring of work progress
·         Conduct regular site visits to check the work progress, the quality of the construction of the water infrastructures and the respect of TGH rules and regulations on site operations
·         Ensure that the activities carried out by DWASH water grant NGOs follow TGH directions

Logistics, budget
·         Validate any procurements
·         Follow up TGH budget lines and forecast expenses
·         Ensure proper communication flow between the district logistician, the Dili logistics team and the district operational team
·         Ensure the logistics processes (procurements, stock management) are respected at district level.

·         Coordinate with TGH Head of Mission to ensure a secure working and living environment to TGH district staffs
·         Set up and update emergency kits and procedures

10 expatiates (1 head of mission, 1 program coordinator , 1 administrative coordinator , 1 logistic coordinator, 2 district coordinator, 2 civil engineer,  1 purchaser, 1 psychosocial manager )

34 national employees