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East Timor Justice Support Facility, Finance Officer, Deadline February 01, 2010.

East Timor Justice Sector Support Facility

Finance Officer

GRM is the Managing Contractor for the Australian Government assistance provided to Timor-Leste via the East Timor Justice Sector Support Facility (ETJSSF) - The Justice Facility

We are seeking a Finance Officer (Temporary Position for five months contract)


·         Degree in Management , business, accounting or equivalent
·         Detail oriented
·          Able to work in a fast pace environment
·         Ability to meet deadline when required
·         Good software skill especially spreadsheet program ( excel )
·         Good interpersonal skill

Fresh graduates are encouraged and welcome to apply.

Please forward your CV to:

Lidia Santos



Justice Facility Office
Cidade De Beja
Barrio De Villa Verde
Phone: 331 2207

Application deadline:
February  01, 2010

UNMIT, National Human Rights Assistant, Deadline February 01, 2010.

United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste

National Human Rights Assistant – Civil Society Strengthening

POST TITLE: National Human Rights Assistant-Civil Society Strengthening
SECTION: Human Rights & Transitional Justice
DATE OF ISSUE: 18/01/2010

The incumbent will be required to assist in strengthening the capacity of members of Timorese civil society organizations in the area of human rights monitoring and education in Timor-Leste. The incumbent will specifically focus on providing assistance to NGO partners of the human rights violations database project, but also assist the section in its work on the rights of persons with disabilities and be involved in human rights education programmers.

Assist in providing training to members of civil society on human rights monitoring; Assist in strengthening data collection and advocacy including through support of the national human rights violations database for staff of the Human Rights Unit and selected members of civil society; Assist in developing training materials as necessary; Assist in conducting human rights education programmers for civil society including training of trainers programmers; Assist the section in its work on rights of persons with disabilities; Assist in strengthening the capacity of national human rights officers in the regions to undertake civil society strengthening in the field of monitoring; Other tasks as requested by the supervisor


Communication – Excellent written and oral communication skills. Planning and organizing – Good coordination and organizational skills. Capacity to identify priorities. Allocate appropriate time and resources to complete work, allowing for contingencies; use time efficiently. Team work – Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations and respect for diversity.


Completion of secondary education. At least four (4) years relevant work experience. Knowledge of human rights standards, the rules governing their protection and the mechanisms available in case of their Violation. Experience in working with databases is an asset. Experience in working with members of civil society. Ability to respect principles of confidentiality, neutrality and objectivity. Ability to represent the Human Rights and Transitional Justice Unit in meetings. Computer literacy. Willingness to travel to the districts.


Fluency in written and spoken Tetum. Working level of written and spoken English preferred. Portuguese or Bahasa Indonesian desirable.

The applicants must present:
Application letter indicating the VA Number (L-TL-09-003); curriculum vitae; P11 form; copies of school and university certificates as well of any other training related to the requirements of the position; baptismal or birth certificate. Please ensure all relevant work experience is reflected on the P11 form.

Please submit your application only if you meet the qualifications and requirements mentioned above.

Preference will be give to equally qualified women candidates.

  Application must be submitted to UNMIT Headquarters, Obrigado Barracks (Attention: Local Personnel Section),       Or via E-mail to or
   Deadline: Monday, 01 February 2010

Peace Dividend Trust Timor-Leste, Business Verification Associate (Re-advertised).

Terms of Reference

Business Verification Associate
Peace Dividend Trust – Timor-Leste

Position Description
The Business Verification Associate will manage and direct the Business Verification sub-project of the Peace Dividend Marketplace - Timor-Leste (PDM-TL) project. This position functions directly under the country director and alongside the other associates of the PDM-TL project.

Location: Dili, with monthly travels to all districts within Timor-Leste

Duration: Probationary term of three months, with an extension option of up to one year and beyond.

Closing date: Posted 11 January 2010. Open until filled.

The responsibilities include but are not limited to:
·         Overseeing overall operations of the Business Verification sub-project that performs the following activities: the verification and re-verification of new and existing business across each district, management of the PDM-TL Online Procurement Database and the dissemination of information detailing Timor-Leste’s growing private sector;
·         Managing a small team of Business Verification Assistants and monitoring their performance;
·         Formulating strategic work plans and organizing their implementation;
·         Guiding and assisting with the collection, organization and verification of detailed information of businesses across Timor-Leste to be entered into PDM-TL’s Online Procurement Database;
·         Providing weekly and monthly feedback to the PDM-TL Country Director in written and oral form;
·         Working closely with the office manager and other PDM-TL sub-project associates to streamline and improve all activities and services undertaken by the project;
·         Performing other duties appropriate to the post as agreed with the Country Director.

·         At minimum an undergraduate degree but a masters degree is preferred.
·         Developed leadership skills.
·         Fluency in English and Tetun required, as well as a working knowledge of written and spoken Bahasa Indonesia. Portuguese and other Timorese languages advantageous but not required.
·         Excellent organizational skills and attention to details.
·         Knowledge of logistics and the procurement process.
·         Experience working within the private sector of Timor-Leste is strongly desirable. 
·         Superior interpersonal and communication skills.

Application Process
To apply for this position, send a brief presentation letter and CV to Ms. Claire Parois at  or directly to the Peace Dividend Trust office in Estrada Balide, Dili.

About PDT
Peace Dividend Trust is a non-profit foundation dedicated to making peace and humanitarian operations more efficient, effective and equitable, delivering a stronger peace and a larger peace dividend. For more information, please visit our website . 

Tetum Version

Termos de Referensia
Business Verification Associate
Peace Dividend Trust – Timor-Leste

Deskripsaun Posisaun
Business Verification Associate sei meneja no organija sub-projektu verifikasaun negocio  Peace Dividend Marketplace – projektu Timor-Leste (PDM-TL). Posisaun ne’e nia funsaun sei deriji direitu husi country director no hanesan mos associate sira seluk iha projektu PDM-TL.    

Location: Dili, with monthly travels to all districts within Timor-Leste
Fatin Servisu, Iha Dili no sei hala’o servisu kada fulan ba distrito hotu-hotu iha Timor Leste tomak. 

Durasaun: Provasaun durante fulan tolu, no sei fo extensaun to’o tinan ida no liu.

Data Remata: Hahu loron 11 Janeiro 2010. Sei loke to’o hetan kandidatu atu prence faga refere.

Responsablidades inklui mais la limita ba:
·         Atu tau matan ba servisu sub-projektu verifikasaun negocio sira hanesan aktividades tuir mai: re-verifikasaun no verifika negocio foun no negocio nebe existe iha distrito hotu-hotu, meneja PDM-TL Online Procurement Database no deseminasaun informasaun hodi hasa’e setor privadu iha Timor-Leste.
·         Meneja equipa assisten verifikasaun negicio ki’ik ida no halo monitorizasaun ba sira nia servisu. 
·         Forma planu estrategia servisu no organiza implementasaun hotu-hotu.
·         Hatudu no ajuda atu koleta, organiza no verifika informasaun negoscio nebe detailu iha Timor-Leste nia laran hodi hatama ba PDM-TL Online Procurement Database.
·         Hato’o relatorio servisu iha eskrita no oral kada semana no fulan ba PDM-TL Country Director.
·         Servisu besik liu ho office manager no PDM-TL nia sub-projektu sira seluk hodi alkansa no eleva aktividade no servisu hotu-hotu  nebe hala’o iha projektu ne’e.
·         Hala’o servisu seluk ho apropriadu tuir postu nebe aseita husi Country Director. 

·         Minimum ho kualifikasaun S1 se iha S2 (master degree) sei preoridade liu.
·         Dezamvolve skill lideransa.
·         Kolia Ingles no tetun di’ak inklui hakarek di’ak iha lian ingles no Indonesia. Portugues no lian seluk iha Timor laran mos vantagen mais la obrigatori.   
·         Iha skill di’ak kona ba organizasaun no atensaun ba detailu. 
·         Hatene kona ba servisu logistiku no prosesu prokuramentu.
·         Esperensia servisu ho setor privadu iha Timor-Leste mak vantagen liu.  
·         Iha komunikasaun di’ak no bele servisu hamutuk ho ema hotu. 

Procesu Aplikasaun
Atu hatama applikasaun ba posisaun ida ne’e, bele haruka karta aplikasaun no CV ba Sra. Claire Parois liu husi dirasaun e-mail  ou bele lori direita ba iha edevisiu Peace Dividend Trust iha Estrada Balide, Dili.

Kona ba PDT
Peace Dividend Trust mak entidade non-benefisiario ida establese atu hala’o pas no operasaun humanitaria nebe efisiensia, efektivu liu no justu, hodi fahe pas no habelar pas ba ema hotu. Informasaun kle’an liu, bele visita ami nia linha website

RWSSP, District Water and Sanitation Engineering Advisor (DEA), Deadline January 27, 2010.

District Water and Sanitation Engineering Advisor (DEA)

Timor Leste Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (RWSSP) is an AusAID funded, 5 year Sector-wide approach for the development of Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (RWASH). IDSS and GHD are the Program Managers.
Closing date: 27 Jan 2010
Location: Timor-Leste


The RWSSP is a program funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), and implemented through the National Directorate of Water and Sanitation Service (DNSAS) of the Ministry of Infrastructure, and the Environmental Health Division (EHD), of the Ministry of Health (MoH), of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (G-RDTL).

The Goal of the RWSSP is to improve the health and living standards of women, men, girls and boys in Timor-Leste’s rural communities, recognising the crucial contribution that access to clean water and enhanced sanitation related health behaviour can make to the improvement in health and livelihoods for rural people in Timor-Leste.

The District Water and Sanitation Engineering Advisor (DEA) inputs are needed to ensure that the CFET & non CFET development funds for the Rural Water sector are properly invested through:

  • Provision of technical advice and support to DNSAS at the district level (SAS)
  • Building the capacity of DNSAS/SAS and project partners through mentoring, training, consultation and direct support.
  • Decentralization of capability to do planning, design and supervision of contracts.
  • To actively encourage and support BESI initiative - district coordination across line ministries and in between sector actors to encourage a sector approach ot RWASH delivery
  • Assist the Sanitation Advisor in coordination of sanitation programmes at district level.

The DEA will provide quality assurance to the CFET/RWSSP/WSI funded activities. This position will be based 80% in districts.

The availability of the DEA will enable DNSAS/SAS and project partners to execute CFET/RWSSP budget and to accelerate the increase of rural water coverage of Timor-Leste.

Reports to: National Engineering Advisor (NEA)

Relationships: The DEA will work in consultation with:

  • Designated G-RDTL counterparts
  • The National Engineering Advisors
  • The Sanitation Advisor and BCC advisor
  • Other DEA
  • Other RWSSP advisers and national staff as required

Duration: 18 months (Feb 2010 to July 2011)

Additional location information: Working with SAS District Offices in designated districts (TBA)

-          expect 80% in districts

The DEA:

-          is responsible to the National Engineering Adviser (Policy & Planning) but will work closely on a day-to-day basis with the other National Engineering Advisor and other District Engineering Advisor;
-          shall comply with all program operational and administrative requirements as specified in the Program Operations Handbook; and
-          shall ensure all contractual requirements are met including:
(a) individual responsibilities under the Security Plan; and
(b) such relevant requirements as specified in the Contract between Commonwealth of Australia and International Development Support Services Pty Ltd for East Timor Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program (RWSSP).

The role of the DEA is to support and provide technical mentoring and quality assurance to DNSAS/SAS at the district level to implement CFET and RWSSP funded activities. (WSI)

The overall objectives of the DEA role include:

1.      Provide technical advice and support to DNSAS district offices (SAS) with the ongoing planning, management and implementation of the technical activities required to meet the water needs of rural Timor-Leste in the target communities; (delivery of CFET budgets to quality and time)
2.      Contribute to socializing the rural water, sanitation and hygiene guidelines;
3.      In collaboration with the Capacity Building Advisor and other advisors, identify specific technical training and mentoring required by the DNSAS/SAS technical officers and facilitate the implementation of the identified training with a specific focus on district level technical and administrative capacity
4.      Provide advice/support to the SAS in the preparation and management of annual plans and budget proposals
5.      Mentor SAS and project partners in planning, detailed engineering design, quantity survey, tender estimates and preparation of bills of quantity;
6.      Provide technical advice to the SAS to ensure that environmental risks are assessed during the planning, survey, design and implementation of all physical activities, so that there are no negative impacts;
7.      Mentor SAS and project partners in supervision and monitoring roles developing, or following all DNSAS procedures
8.      Collaborate with the DNSAS/SAS in monitoring the implementation of the CFET and RWSSP funded contracts and monthly reporting processes to DNSAS on project by project progress; and
9.      Assist the Program Team Leader to update the annual plan and the rolling work plan for the ongoing implementation of RWSSP infrastructure activities.

Skills and Experience (Qualifications/experience/skills/knowledge):

-          A degree in engineering or relevant field related to WS&S
-          Demonstrated high level knowledge and experience of the effective and sustainable provision of water and sanitation for rural communities in less developed countries
-          Proficiency in languages other than English – particularly Tetun or Bahasa Indonesian
-          Work experience in Timor-Leste desirable
-          An understanding of government budgeting, procurement and management systems
-          Demonstrated capacity to work effectively and independently with counterpart staff
-          Facilitation and conflict resolution skills
-          Strong written and oral communication skills.

Personal attributes:
Well developed inter-personal skills with an ability to: communicate effectively with others from different social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, adapt to different cultures and be a supportive member of a team.
How to apply
Email Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter to

Reference Code: RW_7ZQ2B3-88

Ministry of Finance, Senior management Adviser for Revenue and Customs, Deadline February 01, 2010.

Senior Management Adviser for Revenue and Customs

Government of Timor-Leste
Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program, PFMCBP-Ministry of Finance Timor Leste

Closing date: 01 Feb 2010
Location: Timor-Leste - Dili

Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program

Position: Senior Management Adviser for Revenue and Customs
Objectives: Provide policy and technical advice to the Minister of Finance on matters that relate to Revenue and Customs Services Directorate (DGRC) functions. Similarly, the Senior Management Adviser shall support the Minister in dispensing her ministerial functions as well as support the efficient management of the Ministry. Strengthen staff and institutional capacity in DGRC to perform its mandate. Lead and manage PFMCBP consultants in DGRC to ensure capacity development and effective use of TA through the program’s TA performance management system.
Reporting To: Minister of Finance
Counterpart: Director-General for Revenue and Customs
Supervision: TAs under DGRC
Duration: To July 2011
Location: Directorate General of Revenue and Customs, Ministry of Finance, Dili, Timor-Leste

Selection Criteria


  • Minimum of ten (10) years experience of policy processes and advice at senior levels in public sector institutions, preferably Ministries of Finance.
  • Proven ability to develop and manage Revenue and Customs agendas at the highest levels.
  • Strong leadership and management skills. Experience of managing organizational change an advantage.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including ability to communicate clearly technical concepts and policy advice to non-technical audiences.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills including experience of coaching, mentoring and building skills through on-the job training and role modeling.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Advanced University degree (PhD, Masters or equivalent) in Economics, Finance, Public Policy/Administration, or related fields with extensive experience in Revenue and Customs administration, management and public financial management.

  • Experience of conducting analysis and providing advice on development issues and policies of natural resource rich countries.
  • Native language fluency in English and a willingness to learn Tetum or Portuguese.

Project Background

The Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste intends to recruit a Senior Management Adviser for Revenue and Customs for its Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program (PFMBP). PFMCBP is a five-year technical assistance program supported by a grant from the International Development Association and a co-financing Multi-Donor Trust Fund. The Program started in late 2006, and is scheduled to close in July 2011. PFMCBP provides technical assistance to sustainably strengthen planning, budgeting, public expenditure management and revenue administration for growth and poverty reduction, with emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, integrity, service culture, and transparency.

PFMCBP has assisted the Government of Timor-Leste take forward an important reform agenda. Key achievements include implementation of a major reorganization of the Ministry of Finance; strengthening public expenditure management through simplification and strengthening of treasury systems and processes, and increased delegation of authority to line ministries; improved revenue management, including increased transparency in tax administration and reinforcing Petroleum Tax administration; and a gradual improvement in macroeconomic planning. There are important challenges ahead as the Ministry of Finance implements a strong reform program in a capacity constrained environment. PFMCBP itself has a challenge to build capacity and enable an increased transfer of responsibility to Timorese public servants.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the strategic management of PFMCBP, through its Consultative Council for Financial Management chaired by the Minister of Finance. There is a dedicated Program Implementation Unit that is responsible for day-to-day program management and implementation which has been integrated recently into the newly established Directorate General Corporate Services. A Supervisory Committee of donors to PFMCBP, also chaired by the Minister of Finance, provides regular oversight on program implementation and achievements. The World Bank is responsible for program supervision, to ensure it is aligned with agreed objectives and financing agreements.

Scope of Work

Working with the DG to strengthen leadership and management capacity through:

  • On-the-job-training, coaching, and mentoring, including advice on business standards for DGRC;
  • Development of a DG-wide work program and a performance monitoring system;
  • Support to completing appointments for staff across the DG;
  • Support for implementing the staff performance management system and any other civil service reform measures around ethics, professionalism, accountability and transparency.

Managing consultants’ performance to ensure staff and institutional capacity development across all National Directorates of DGRC through:

  • Supervision of and reporting on implementation of the Institutional Development Capacity Building Plan in DGRC.
  • Assistance in monitoring and evaluating capacity building activities of consultants in DGRC.
  • Management of consultants in DGRC, including implementation of the program’s performance management system for consultants.

Providing operational support as required through:

  • Technical support and advice to the DG and National Directors in DGRC including assistance with Revenue and Customs analysis papers and briefs;
  • Organization of seminars and workshops on topics of Revenue and Customs relevance to Timor-Leste;
  • Creation of networks to source Revenue and Customs advisory support to enhance the institutional capacity of DGRC;
  • Policy advice to the Minister of Finance through the DG on policy issues related to implementation of Timor-Leste’s medium-term development strategy.

Key Deliverables

  • Assignment Work Plan, with specific timelines and expected outcomes within 4 weeks of commencement.
  • Assignment Leave Workplan.
  • DG-wide work program and performance monitoring system.
  • Business standards for DGRC operations.
  • Strategic Plan for DGRC with implementation timeline as part of the Ministry of Finance’s Strategic Plan.
  • Semi-annual report on implementation of Institutional Development Capacity Building Plan.
  • Semi-annual report and recommendations on performance of DGRC consultants.
  • Seminars and workshops to discuss Revenue and Customs issues relevant to the Ministry of Finance.

There is probation period of three months.
How to apply
Application procedure

Please visit our website at and go to ‘Employment Opportunity’ to learn more about our recruitment process and your application requirements including how to address the Selection Criteria in your application.

Applications must be forwarded to the Programme Implementation Officer-PFMCBP by e-mail:, no later than 17:00hours Timor-Leste time on 1 February 2010.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Previous applicants need not apply
Reference Code: RW_7ZPAAJ-68

ICFJ, Translator/Interpreter, Deadline January 29, 2010.

Job Vacancy for Translator/Interpreter at ICFJ in Timor-Leste

The International Center for Journalists has an opening for a translator/interpreter in Dili, Timor-Leste. This individual needs to have excellent writing and oral skills in English and Tetum.

Please contact the ICFJ Country Director Chuck Rice at the following email address to arrange an interview:  

Deadline is January 29, 2010.