Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Triangle GH, Procurement Officer, Deadline May 28, 2010.


Job Description

 1.      Post Title
Procurement Officer

2.      Supervision
Procurement Manager/Procurement Assistant

3.      Duty Station
Dili Office

4.      Terms of reference
Triangle GH is a French Organization of International Solidarity that has been implementing activities in Timor Leste since 2005 in the fields of water & sanitation and psychosocial activities.

Triangle GH stands as the water sector lead for the District Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene Services (DWASH) Program.

A.     Requirements
·         Must have drivers license.
·         Knowledge of Logistics and Procurement practices as it is relevant in Timor Leste.
·         Ability to perform responsibility and tasks as described in this Job Description.

B.      Main Responsibilities
·         Should anticipate and animate the respect of the purchase process of TGH intern to the project.
·         To support the TGH Procurement Assistant in his/her functions (offices) and replace him/her in case of absence.
·         To work in collaboration with the Procurement Assistant in order to insure the Purchase Procedure for the DWASH Program is adhered to.
·         Monitoring and delegation of deliveries, and to ensure the proper documentation of materials for water commodities sent from Dili Base to TGH work sites, Manatuto & Oecusse Districts.
·         Oversee the purchasing procedures of external transport and the identification of the various carriers on the market, and liaison with the person in charge of the operations of the carrier that they guarantee the respect of the TGH procedures.
·         To respect the TGH internal rules & regulations.
·         Follow up the inventory data after any purchase and delivery.

C.      The Procurement Officer daily tasks will be:
·         Adherence and respect of the Procurement Process.
·         Providing quotations and other relevant documents to suppliers and retrieving them when complete.
·         Ensure that all items to be delivered are the correct quantity and quality.
·         To identify the selected suppliers and report it to the Procurement Manager.
·         To coordinate with Procurement Assistant all payments for the Suppliers.
·         To work together with Procurement Assistant and support him/her in all activities necessary to carry out the Procurement Processes.
·         To prepare all documents and information to the Procurement Manager to prepare the weekly Purchase Follow up to send to District Coordinators for updates.
·         To coordinate with the Procurement Manager and Procurement Assistant for the weekly planning and assignments for the week.
·         To follow up on the inventory of the procured items and assets for the local NGO’s and report status to Procurement Assistant.
·         To follow the supervision and assignments of the Procurement Assistant and/or the Procurement Manager.

D.     Responsible to:
·         Procurement Manager

E.      Relationships:
·         Suppliers
·         CDM DWASH Administration
·         TGH Coordinators
·         National Staff

F.       Application process

 To apply for those position, sent a cover letter, current CV and professional references by email to Ms. Pascale Vulliez ( or delivery by hand at Triangle GH office, located in Fatuhada-Zero IV, Dili, Timor Leste.

Deadline 28 May 2010