Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Timor-Leste Public Sector Capacity Development Program (PSCDP), Functional and Organisational Review of INAP, Deadline May 31, 2010.

Project Employment

Position:A055A: Functional and Organisational Review of the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP)

Project:Timor Leste Public Sector Capacity Development Program

Location:Dili, Timor-Leste

Assignment Starts:As soon as possible

Applications Close:31 May 2010

Duration:Up to 3 months

Advertised By:GRM International Brisbane

Timor-Leste Public Sector Capacity Development Program

Functional and Organisational Review of



GRM is the Managing Contractor for the Australian Government assistance provided to East Timor (Timor-Leste) via the Public Sector Capacity Development Program (PSCDP).

The goal of the East Timor (Timor-Leste) Public Sector Capacity Development Program is:

A sustainable and effective system of governance and public administration for the delivery of high quality public services.

The mission of the program is:
To strengthen capacity building institutions and processes to build individual and institutional public sector capacity in East Timor.

As part of this assistance the PSCDP designs activities and provides timely access to, amongst other things, high-level short and longer-term technical expertise in areas across the public sector.
Recruitment for the position will take place as follows:
  • GRM will review written applications to determine compliance with mandatory criteria and completion of application documentation (including providing a bid for professional fees) and the Selection Panel will prepare a shortlist of candidates for interview with reference to the Terms of Reference (A. Terms of Reference) and the Selection Criteria (B. Selection Criteria);
  • Interviews will be conducted by phone and the panel will most likely include representatives of the Government of Timor-Leste; and a PSCDP staff member.
  • A decision will be made on the successful applicant following referee checks.

Instructions for Applicants:

All applications are screened for compliance upon receipt. Only those applications that comply with all instructions and include a completed Application Cover Sheet (see below) will be forwarded to the staff responsible for assessment.

To access a copy of the Terms of Reference, Selection Criteria and Application Cover Sheet, please click HERE

Please submit your application to Hilary Goode via email on: Contact via email or on +61 3 8676 6820 if you have any questions.

Please submit with your application:
  • A completed application cover sheet, available below;
  • A covering letter of no more than 3 pages addressing your suitability for the position against criteria outlined below. The cover letter must demonstrate your understanding of the requirements of the position and address each of the Qualifications, Experience and Skills Criteria as well as Language/Interpreter requirements mentioned in the Terms of Reference;
  • A price per month in $AUD – exclusive of standard allowances and reimbursable expenses (ie professional fees only). Standard allowances and reimbursable expenses are noted at C. Standard Allowances in the Terms of Reference below; and
  • Your curriculum vitae.

Applications should be in English and should not contain any additional material.


A panel will assess applications on the basis of technical merit and value for money.
Applications that are assessed by the panel as being technically suitable for the assignment will receive a financial assessment. Final scores will be weighted as follows:
                        80% for technical score
                        20% for financial score

\The final score is calculated as follows:
 (Lowest Price / Applicant’s Price x 20) + (Technical Score [out of 100] x 0.8)
 Note that only those candidates who are able to fulfil all the requirements of the position will receive a financial assessment.
CVs of suitable applicants will be added to the GRM Consultant Database