Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Care International Timor-Leste, Qualitative Data Analysis / Gender Consultant, Deadline June 1, 2010.

CARE International Timor Leste - CITL

Position Title: Qualitative Data Analysis / Gender Consultant- 1
Place of Assignment:Dili
Duration:2 -3 weeks, completed before 25 June 2010
Reports to: Program Coordinator
Fee: USD$ 2000.00

In 2006-2007m CARE International Timor Leste (CITL) conducted an internal Gender and Diversity Analysis to assess the enabling environment within CITL for advancing women’s empowerment, gender equality, and diversity among staff. Several Focus Group Disscussion (FDGs) and interviews took place with the staff working in projects and support. However, no adequate analysis of this data has been completed to date.

The objective of this consultancy is to analysis the handwritten FGD and interview notes in tetum and present a summary report of the predominant themes in the data and conclusion of the analysis.

-          Review the questionnaires and guides used for the FGDs and interviews to become familiar with questions used and the kind of information being sought.
-          Develop a simple thematic framework for coding the responses given by participants.
-          Code the responses according to the thematic framework.
-          Write a report (in either Tetum or English) that summarizes the findings of the analysis, including examples of predominant responses and issues identified.

  • Experience in qualitative data analysis and ability to present examples of this work.
  • Familiarity with gender and diversity concepts
  • Fluent in tetum with some English skill
  • English writing skills highly desirable but not required
  • Ability to work quickly and independently and meet deadlines

For those who are interested for this position, please submit the application letter and Curriculum Vitae with two references. to HR Unit, CARE International Timor-Leste, Bairro Pite Dili, OR by email The closing date for applications is 01 June 2010 at 5pm  and only the applicant who shortlist will be contacted.