Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ministerio das Infra-Estruturas, Deputy Project Coordinator, June 5, 2010.

República Democrática de Timor Leste

Ministério das Infra-Estruturas

Project Management Unit
Our Roads Our Future – Supporting Local Governance and Small Scale Infrastructure Works

Invitation to Submit Expression of Interest and Curriculum Vitae Proposal
Deputy Project Coordinator


 1. The Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste has received a grant from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction through Asian development Bank (ADB) towards the cost of “Our Roads, Our Future – Supporting Local Governance and Community Based Infrastructure Works”. Part of this grant will be used for consulting services for the Timorese national position of Deputy Project Coordinator that will work under the supervision of a Project Coordinator and in coordination with other Project Management Unit members of the Road Network Development Sector Project. The position is a full time position, for approximately 2 years, with a possible extension based on performance until March 2014Terms of Reference (TOR) are provided in attachment, or can be obtained from the Office address provided in Section III.

2. Provided that you are interested in undertaking the assignments under the Project, you are hereby invited to submit an Expression of Interest together with your curriculum vitae for the services required under the TOR. The competence of the staff will be considered by the MOI on its relevant experience and capabilities to handle ADB projects in Timor Leste. There will be a ranking of shortlisted candidates and the first ranked will be invited for financial negotiations and ultimately a contract will be signed between the Consultant and the MOI. It is anticipated that contract negotiation with consultant would take place in June 2010 and the assignment would commence in June 2010.

3. Your submission of Expression of Interest with the Curriculum Vitae shall remain valid for a period of 45 days after the submission date of 5 June 2010. During this period you shall maintain your availability for the said position. The MOI will make its best effort to complete negotiations within this period. If the negotiation cannot be completed on the said period of time, the MOI may request to extend the validity period of your proposal. You have the right to refuse to extend the validity period of your proposal.


4. The curriculum vitae submitted together with the Expression of Interest will be used for the selection of the Deputy Project Coordinator. The individual should demonstrate:

-       At least 5 years of experience with rural community and/or local governance development projects;
-       Solid field experience implementing community based infrastructure projects in rural areas preferred;

-       Experience dealing with or working for international NGOs and/or consulting firms

-       Experience coordinating and working closely with local government counterparts

-       Good project management and problem solving skills

-       Good communication skills with multiple stakehold ers including in front of large groups

-       Ability and willingness to have extended travel across three districts

-       Experience handling ADB projects in Timor Leste is preferred

-       Basic knowledge of English is required, fluency in English is preferred

-       A university degree in economics/development or relevant experience

-       At least 2 years of experience in a management role

-       Strong planning and organization skills

-       Team-building and problem- solving skills


5. The Expression of Interest and detailed curriculum vitae should be prepared in English and should be submitted in three (3) hard copies only each to reach the following address not later than 3:00PM on 5 June 2010;

Ministry of Infrastructure

Project Management Unit

Avenida Martires da Patria

Dili, Timor-Leste

Attention : Mrs. Jeanne Everett – Project Coordinator

Telephone : (+670) 3311024

Mobile: (+670) 744 4741

Facsimile : (+670) 3311038

Email :
6. It is recommended strongly that you send your proposal to MOI by personal delivery. Electronic submission will not be allowed. The MOI requires that the candidate must certify his/her own curriculum vitae. Both the candidate’s signature and date of signing should be provided in the curriculum vitae.


7. The curriculum vitae will be evaluated, prior to the invitation for financial negotiation, on the basis of the qualification of the individual candidate to be selected. A summary of criteria to be used for evaluating the curriculum vitae will also be provided together with the TOR in the Office address in Section III. It is expected that the curriculum vitae will score a minimum of 75 percent of the total points.

8. Following the completion of evaluation of curriculum vitae, the financial negotiation will be conducted with the Consultant.


9. Financial Negotiation will be held at the MOI Office to be given by the person indicated in Section III above, following MOI’s invitation to attend negotiation.

10. The invited Consultant will, as a pre-requisite for attendance at the negotiation, must confirm his/her availability for the position required. Failure in satisfaction of such requirement may result in the MOI’s decision to invite another Consultant.

11. The financial negotiation will generally request the Consultant the remuneration. There will be no out-of-pocket expenditure items required for the services.

12. If contract negotiation fails for any reason, the MOI will invite another Consultant.


13. In the event that you may need additional information, we would try to provide such information expeditiously but any delay in providing you with such additional information will not be considered as a reason for extending the submission date of your proposal.

14 May 2010

Terms of Reference for Consulting Services

Deputy Project Coordinator

(national, 24 person-months)

The Deputy Project Coordinator will be responsible for the following:

      i.        Provide day-to-day oversight and coordination of project related procurement, contracting, logistics, planning and scheduling, training and construction activities in three project districts. These activities will be directly implemented by the NGO or Firm contracted by the project, and by district level government staff working under the District Administration and the Ministry of Infrastructure;

     ii.        Facilitate good collaboration between contracted NGO/Firm and local government staff, and address any challenges that might impede on this collaboration;

    iii.        Support the project coordinator in conducting rapid needs assessment /research activities at the beginning of the project and periodically throughout project implementation;

   iv.        Provide direction to the contracted NGO/firm and district officials in organizing initial orientation workshops in each district, assist the project coordinator in organizing central level seminars for project progress and results dissemination;

    v.        Participate in key milestone field-based activities on behalf of PMU such as community mobilization and awareness campaigns, site selection activities, initial trainings, opening ceremonies etc.;

   vi.        Provide advisory services to the contracted NGO/consulting firm regarding methodologies for community awareness raising, community contracting, mediation and problem solving throughout project implementation;

  vii.        Provide direct support to any individual consultants hired by PMU during the field-based portion of their assignment;

 viii.        Conduct spot-monitoring of field activities by collecting periodic feed-back from communities;
  1. Provide recommendations for improving project quality, accountability to beneficiaries, and mitigating the risk for conflict/disagreement over project implementation with the target communities and other stakeholders;

    x.        Assist the project coordinator in gathering and preparing information to be included in quarterly progress reports, socio-economic monitoring reports, and in collecting community self-evaluation reports;

   xi.        Provide basic translation services when required.

Typical travel requirements will be to spend one week per month in each of the project districts: Bobonaro, Covalima, and Oecussi, and the fourth week in Dili.