Wednesday, April 21, 2010

World Bank, Short Term Cosultant, Justice for the Poor Timor-Leste, Deadline April 23, 2010.

Terms of Reference

Short Term Consultant
Justice for the Poor Timor-Leste
World Bank
Location:         Dili, Timor-Leste, with considerable field work (50% or more of the contract)
Duration:         1 May 2010 – 30 December 2010

Recruitment:   Local

  1. Justice for the Poor Timor Leste (J4P-TL) was launched in July 2008 under the theme “Expanding Citizenship in an Expanding State”.  The two main fields of work under this program are: (i) state-building at the local level; and (ii) land and natural resource management.
  2. Under its local level state-building sub-focus, J4P examines the relationships between citizens, traditional institutions and the formal state, including an analysis of how each understands, defines, accesses, claims and enforces rights and entitlements to state-provided benefits.  Research is grounded in the ample literature on state-building and local level governance and provides practical analysis of how competing concepts of statehood and identity (national, sub-national, group, etc) impact conflict, stability, and development.
  3. Analytical activities seek to clarify the means of citizen-state engagement – whether directly or through intermediary authorities – as well as the relationship between centralized and decentralized state authorities, and state and non-state actors. Research will also examine how the government’s current methods of expanding state presence impact the state’s legitimacy and helps (or not) to meet citizen’s expectations.
  4. Research findings then seek to mainstream equity and conflict-sensitivity in the delivery of government services and programs and donor projects (World Bank and others).  This is achieved by providing applied policy advice, inputs into project designs, project  evaluations and the implementation of pilot activities, all informed by detailed social research.  The aim is to equip communities to express demand for services and to build the capacity of the state and non-state institutions to respond to the demand.

II. Upcoming Activities
  1. Beginning May of 2010, J4P will engage in a research activity with the Bank’s Social Protection (SP) unit to complement a nationally-representative survey examining social pensions for the elderly, the disabled and the Bolsa da Mae program (for female-headed households) executed by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.  The survey will be complemented by discrete qualitative field exercises to provide information on benefit access and dispute resolution, communication and program execution.  It is anticipated that the research findings will assist the team to design social accountability mechanisms for SP operations and decentralization reforms more generally.
  2. A variety of additional activities, both analytical and operational, are anticipated in the second half of 2010. These include dissemination of findings from research on community decision-making around development benefits conducted in partnership with the World Bank’s Social Development Unit (SDV) and Luta Hamutuk in 2009, continued input into the decentralization process, and possible work on dispute resolution and accountability mechanisms within development programs.
III. Duties and Responsibilities
  1. The Consultant will work on activities under the State-Building at the Local Level (SBLL) program focus. While additional activities may be added as new streams of work are launched, the main duties and responsibilities of the Consultant will be:
  2. General
·         Contribute to the development of concept notes and research plans for J4P research;
·         Manage research and operational design activities together with local partners in government and civil society;
·         Plan, implement and monitor (together with local partners) SBLL research findings;
·         Participate in workshops, conference, and other forums, both in Timor-Leste and abroad, as appropriate and required.
·         Assist in the development and maintenance of a dialogue process involving Government of Timor-Leste officials, local non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutions, and other stakeholders;
·         Contribute to the development of work plans, research questions, field research guides, and other project documentation;
·         Review literature and legislation relevant to the program;
·         Other duties as required.

9.   Social Protection Research
·         Assist in the day-to-day management of a local partner institution;
·         Provide ongoing training and guidance to the research team on research methodologies, data management, and data analysis;
·         Monitor and mentor researchers during all project stages;
·         Independently manage field research in one or more project sites, including management of relations with the research partner, research team, and communities, collection of research data, analysis of findings, and organization and maintenance of program information and documentation;
·         Provide regular updates on interim research findings to the J4P team;
·         Assist in the preparation of publication-quality written reports on project findings;
·         Contribute substantially to the development of follow-on activities stemming from research, including a strategy for dissemination research results.

10.   Dissemination of J4P/SDV Findings
·         Assist in the day-to-day management of a local partner institution;
·         Provide substantial feedback on written products produced for dissemination;
·         Together with the partner institution and J4P-TL colleagues, ensure that dissemination activities are carried out as planned in research sites throughout Timor-Leste;
·         Together with J4P colleagues, maintain ongoing dialogue with the Ministry of State Administration, SDV, and other partners.

IV. Required Skills and Competencies

11. The successful candidate will possess some or all of the following skills and  competencies:
a.       Required:
·         University degree in anthropology, political science, or a relevant field from an internationally-accredited institution;
·         Ability to communicate clearly in written and spoken English and Tetum;
·         Proven work experience conducting research using qualitative methodologies;
·         Ability to build and maintain relationships with people from diverse backgrounds and work effectively in a team;
·         In-depth understanding of the social and political environment of Timor-Leste;
·         Willingness to work long hours under pressure to meet deadlines;
·         Independence, flexibility, and leadership skills;
·         Willingness to work in remote areas under sometimes difficult conditions, including on evenings and weekends where necessary.

  1. Desired:
·         Previous experience working with the Government of  Timor-Leste, local NGOs, or donor institutions on similar areas;
·         Experience training and mentoring a research team;
·         Previous experience in the areas of decentralization, social protection, community-driven development, and/or dispute resolution.

V. Additional Information
12. This position is based in Dili, Timor-Leste, with substantial time spent in field locations throughout the country.
13. Timorese Nationals Only may submit a current CV in English, contact information for two academic and/or professional references (including one from the most recent employer/professor), and a short cover letter detailing interest and related experience to Geraldo Moniz da Silva ( and Pamela Dale ( by 23 April 2010