Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, National Eye Health Survey Team (6 Positions), Deadline March 03, 2010.

Fred Hollows Foundation NZ

National Eye Health Survey Team

Various positions available

The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ is looking for staff to work as part of a survey team, conducting a National Eye Health Survey in several districts of Timor-Leste.
This team will be hired for a minimum total period of around ten (10) weeks, on a full-time basis from the 15 March to approximately 22 May. Some work will be necessary on weekends and outside standard work hours. The salary for these positions will be calculated on a weekly basis, based on the average number of hours they will work. Staff must agree to work flexibly according to the conditions set out in the contract.

Positions available on this team are as follows:
  • General survey team member (3 positions)
  • Driver; (must have valid drivers license, experience driving 4WD, must be willing to take on other responsibilities as required) (1 position)
  • Data entry officer (based in Dili) (2 positions)

Description of role, previous experience and skills required

This survey will take place in thirty-one (31) locations throughout the central and western regions of Timor-Leste. The survey work will include travel to several districts, and a new suko will be visited every day. Team members must be willing to travel throughout this region and stay overnight in project locations for periods of up to two weeks at a time.
Team members will be expected to work flexibly in a number of roles, including identifying participants in their homes, interviewing and performing basic vision tests.
Survey activities will sometimes take place over a large area of the suko. Team members will be expected to walk from house to house, help participants to and from their homes to the survey site and support the preparation of the site and moving survey equipment.

Previous experience necessary:

All candidates:
  • Experience working within NGOs
  • Survey work (especially health surveys), including conducting interviews
  • Experience in working with communities and community leaders
  • Experience in planning, logistics and coordination with external stakeholders
  • Experience working as part of a large team
  • Good working knowledge of speaking and writing English

Previous experience necessary for data entry staff:
  • Experience using database systems such as MS Access or SPSS
  • Ability to set-up, use and maintain basic filing systems

Additional desirable experience (field survey staff only):
  • Ability to speak and interpret Mambai, Tetun-Terik, Bunak or Kemak

Interested candidates please submit a CV to:

Lucy Lee
Community Eye Health Program Manager
Fred Hollows Foundation NZ
Rua Jacinto Candido-Bairo Formosa
Dili-Telp 3312860

Closing date for applications: 3 March 2010