Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FONGTIL, Program Manager, Deadline February 15, 2010.


The Timor Leste NGO Forum is the umbrella organization for local, national and international NGOs that exist in Timor Leste. With characteristics such as being non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, as well as acting as a partner for state institutions in the process of nation building, it maintains a position as an independent organization that monitors government and strengthens civil society in the national development process

To facilitate better services to the members, FONGTIL is looking for a Timorese national to fill the position of Program Manager.
Role and responsibility of Program Manager

1. (MANAGING) To secure the implementation of FONGTIL’s programs based on 2010-2012 MPP
1.1 Responsible to review the programs every month, every three months, and also organize an annual evaluation (internal)
1.2 Responsible to design work plan based on the review every month, quarterly, and annual
1.3 Regular monitoring in the districs
1.4 Together with management team, to do evaluation for staff’s performance every year
1.5 Together with management team, organize and facilitate external evaluation (every three years)

2. (REPORTING) Together with management team guarantee that reports are timely reports to partners and members of NGO
2.1 To make consolidation of the reports including the implementation of the program every six month.
2.2 To produce an annual report for the members every year (at Annual General Meeting)
2.3 To create a regular program update for members to guarantee an active participation.

3. To guarantee that FONGTIL has access to funds to implement FONGTIL’s program
3.1 Together with ED, to make proposal to get funds
3.2 Together with coordinator in every division, to design a relevant proposal to strengthen the program
3.3 To guarantee that FONGTIL has annual funds to implement the program.

4. (DIRECTING) To supervise advocacy, membership services, and DLOs programs
4.1             ADVOCACY (together with the coordinator)
4.1.1 To guarantee FONGTIL’s staffs participation and members of NGO (active and effective participation) in national and local meeting
4.1.2 To make link with other network and potential partner
4.1.3 To control the quality of external communication strategy (to media, patner/donor, national and local government, community, etc)

4.2 MST (together with coordinator)
4.2.1 To control the quality of IT and CB training (effective and efficient)
4.2.2 Respond to members necessary, FONGTIL can respond/facilitate.

4.3 DLO (together with coordinator)
4.3.1 To guarantee members participation (especially members in the district) to participate in the National Program (NDMP, Decentralization, NP6) that active and effective.
4.3.2 Members in the district can participate in development process through regular consultation
4.3.3 To give good services to member so they can acses to civil society funds.

5. (DEVELOPING) To maintain the quality of material resources (manual, guideline, system) which is relevant
5.1             Together with consultant/advisor/technical expert develop PMER manual (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting)
5.2 Together consultant/advisor/technical expert and staff, develop Communications Strategy
5.3 Together with consultant/advisor/technical expert and staff, develop CB Training Manuals (Program Development, Donor Relations, Advocacy, Social Audit, Media Relations and Conflict Resolution, Small Business/Fund raising)
5.4 Together with consultant/advisor/technical expert and staff, develop library system (Resource Center).

6. (NETWORKING) To maintain a strong link with partner
5.1 Regular discussion with all partners
5.2 Participate in international, national and local meeting
5.3 Create a link with partners

  • Good skill and knowledge of human resources management and organization development
  • At least three (3) years work experiences in management area in local or international organization
  • Able to work alone or as part as a team
  • Ability to planning, Mentoring & Evaluation (PME)
  • Ability as a trainer and mentoring
  • Good knowledge of English (speaking and writing)
  • Minimum level of education is high school certificate

If you meet the qualifications mentioned above and interested to apply:
Submit your CV in English

Cover letter in English and explaining why you are interested in the job position including your work experience in these areas : MANAGING, REPORTING, RESOURCING, DIRECTING, DEVELOPING, NETWORKING, Planning, Mentoring & Evaluation (your cover letter is two pages only) Submit your application to FONGTIL office at  Cai-Coli Dili (Joao Freitas, telemovel: 7236782) or  email : freitas_nono@yahoo.com / dinorah.granadeiro@gmail.com / dgranadeiro@fongtil.info

The deadline is February 15, 2010 (4 pm)

Only short listed candidate will be call for an interview

Women are encourage to apply