Monday, February 22, 2010

The Timor-Leste Police Development Program (TLPDP), Training Facilitator, Deadline March 01, 2010.


DURATION: A total of X working days, performed over a period of two months

EXPECTED START DATE: February 22, 2010.


The Timor-Leste Police Development Program (TLPDP) is seeking the services of a qualified facilitator to lead the discussion with PNTL officers in the focus groups. TLPDP is an Australian Federal Police managed capacity development initiative.

The program has been tasked with developing and assisting in the delivery of training courses for senior officers of the PNTL, specifically in the areas of supervision, leadership and management. 

The TLPDP will glean the raw material for the course by holding a series of focus group interviews with senior officers working out of the 13 districts and 13 units of the PNTL. The focus group interviews will provide raw data/information for officers to enable the development of appropriate and relevant course material.

Focus group interviews are scheduled to commence March 2, 2010 and conclude XXXX The language to be used in the focus groups is Tetun.

Description of responsibilities
  • Working with TLPDP staff, become familiar with appropriate law and regulations as pertain to PNTL
  • Work with TLPDP staff to develop a series of issue areas to be probed in focus group interviews. These could include, for example, Community Policing, Incident Management, Operational planning Finance and budget management, District/Station management, In station members development
  • Facilitate X meetings with PNTL officers according to a pre-determined series of issue areas
  • Provide a briefing to TLPDP colleagues on key issues emerging from each focus group discussion


  • X focus groups delivered
  • An ‘end of assignment’ report noting key outcomes from each meeting conducted

Qualifications and professional experience

Three years of professional experience in leading training, facilitation and mentoring activities,
-Bacheler’s or above degree in conflict resolution, education or related fields is an advantage;
-Demonstrated experience in peace and conflict issues; experience in working with police an advantage
-Experience in conflict-sensitive project/process management is an advantage;
-Previous relevant experience in Timor-Leste, and familiarity with facilitation techniques, is essential;
-Fluency in spoken and written Tetun language is required. A good command of English is useful.
-Excellent inter-personal and communication skills;

Candidates should be nationals of Timor-Leste.