Monday, February 15, 2010

RWSSP, National Engineering Advisor (NEA), Deadline March 1, 2010.

Terms of Reference

National Engineering Advisor (NEA)


The Timor-Leste BESIK (Be Saneamento no Higiene iha Komindade) program is funded by the Government of Australia through AusAID to provide assistance to the Government and civil society organisations of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste for the development of rural water supply, sanitation and hygiene (RWASH) activities in Timor-Leste. Assistance is provided as a contribution to a Sector Wide Approach reflected in the Sector Strategy. The Managing Contractor for BESIK is IDSS.

The National Engineering Advisor (NEA) will support the delivery of CFET (GoRDTL Projects) & BESIK development funds for the Rural WASH sector through:
  • Provision of technical advice and support to DNSAS at national and district level (SAS);
  • Building the capacity of DNSAS/SAS and the project partners through mentoring, training, consultation and direct support; and
  • Supporting the decentralization of capability to planning, design and implementation.
The role of the NEA will be complemented by two District Engineering Advisers (DEA’s). The NEA/DEA’s will provide quality assurance to the CFET/RWSSP funded activities. Together with the WSSA and other advisers, the NEA/DEA’s will enable DNSAS/SAS and project partners to execute the CFET/RWSSP budget and accelerate the increase of rural water & sanitation coverage of Timor-Leste.

Responsible to: Water Supply and Sanitation Adviser (WSSA)
Works with: Designated G-RDTL counterparts and the District Engineering Advisors (DEAs) on a day to day basis and all other long and short term advisors and Locally Engaged Staff (LES) as required
Line Management of: 2 locally engaged technical staff
Duration: For the period of the contract
Location: Dili, Timor-Leste with travel to the Districts when required

Planning and Policy
In coordination with other BESIK staff provides support to DNSAS and relevant SAS offices (4 districts):
  • To prepare budgets and operational plans in line with national budget and planning systems
  • to provide direct support to the use of appropriate guidelines for Community WASH and systems to monitor the use of the updated Community Water and Sanitation Guidelines;
  • on the development, use and on going management of water asset management system;
  • to decentralize the Planning & Design capacity to SAS offices
  • engage with key partners working at district level on support to DNSAS

Provide management to the maximise the quality of delivery of water systems
Working with the BESIK staff to:
  • Provide support to selected District SAS offices to strengthen their capacity for the delivery of integrated WASH initiatives in partnership with others (District Health Services etc).
  • Identify specific capacity building requirements (technical training, mentoring and scholarship) required by the DNSAS/SAS technical officers and project partners and assist in developing, or supporting identified training & mentoring with regard to the sustainable delivery of rural water supply systems & sanitation facilities;
  • Support DNSAS to develop & implement quality assurance systems to implement CFET funded activities;
  • Support SAS to monitor CFET projects and to respond to issues identified, working with technical and community development staff, with consideration to gender equity and social inclusion.
  • Ensure that BESIK funded water & sanitation systems being implemented are following quality assurance systems, including best practice appraoches to promote gender equity, community engagement & management and social inclusion.
  • Provide technical advice and support to DNSAS with the ongoing management and implementation of the technical activities required to meet the water needs of rural Timor-Leste in the target communities;
  • Support DNSAS to manage the contract to produce Master Plans for District Town Water Supply systems.
  • Mentor the DNSAS staff in planning, detailed engineering design, quantity survey, tender estimates and preparation of bills of quantity;

Sustainable Access to and Use of Groundwater Resources
  • Liaise with Directorate for Water Resource Management on development of sustainable management of ground water resources
  • Provide support to DNSAS Planning & Design Department on increasing capacity to access groundwater.

Working with other BESIK staff support DNSAS to
  • Coordination with range of sector stakeholders – other GoRDTL departments, NGOs, UN agencies and Donors.
  • Provide specific technical inputs to other donors, NGOs, Government Departments in the rural WASH sector

Manage the RWSSP component on sustainable WASH delivery
  • Engage with other BESIK advisers and others on strategies and activities to increase sustainability of rural water systems
  • Assist the Program Team Leader to update an annual plan and the rolling work plan for the ongoing implementation of RWSS infrastructure;
  • Ensure that environmental risks are assessed during the planning, survey, design and implementation of all physical activities, so that there are no negative impacts;
  • Line management of 2 locally employed technical program officers using BESIK systems for performance management
  • Manage BESIK budget for specific water initiatives
  • Reporting as required
  • Support for Short Term Advisers and inputs to AusAID as required
  • Comply with all program operational, administrative and contractual requirements; and
  • Other duties as may be required by and in agreement with the AMC or AusAID


  • A degree in a relevant field  in Water supply and Sanitation;
  • Demonstrated high level knowledge and experience of the effective and sustainable provision of water and sanitation for rural communities in less developed countries;
  • Experience in integrating social component to community water management including experience in promoting gender equity across all aspects of the program
  • An understanding of DNSAS budgeting process, procurement and management systems;
  • Demonstrated capacity to work effectively with counterpart staff; and
  • Facilitation and conflict resolution skills.

  • Country experience and working knowledge of the Tetun or Indonesian language.


It is essential that the WEA can establish effective working relationships with the full range of key stakeholders, including senior government officials, national staff, Program officers and staff of development agencies. This requires qualities of genuineness of approach and integrity, in order to build mutual respect and trust. The key personal attributes of such a person include:
  • Sensitivity to other cultures;
  • Demonstrable capacity to work well with others particularly peers in team settings and informal situations;
  • Ability to work according to agreed principles and model the desirable behaviours including openness, cooperation, a focus on the wider goals, and able to handle conflict appropriately and constructively;
  • Sensitivity to and ability to act appropriately in the Timorese culture;
  • Flexibility, responsiveness, discipline and patience; and
  • Commitment to engaging communities and civil society in processes leading to policy and operational reforms.

* BESIK is the Tetun acronym of the Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Program (RWSSP).

BESIK*(Be Saneamento no Higiene iha Komindade) is recruiting a National Engineering Adviser to be based in Dili, Timor-Leste. BESIK is an Australian Government Initiative funded through AusAID. This is a 2 year position.

To request any information or to apply for this position please contact Cindy Colla on .The closing date for this position is 1 March 2010.

Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.