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Ministry of Finance, IT Consultant (National) - 2 Positions (Network Management and Applications Management), Deadline February 26, 2010.

IT Consultant

Government of Timor-Leste
Planning And Financial Management Capacity Building Program-Ministry Of Finance
Closing date: 26 Feb 2010
Location: Timor-Leste - Dili,Timor Leste

Ministry Of Finance Timor Leste

MINISTÉRIO DAS FINANÇAS: Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program

Position: IT Consultant (National) – 2 positions (Network Management and Applications Management)

Objectives: To support and advise on all IT related maintenance and upgrading issues with a special emphasis on the technical major hardware and software migration and redesign-decision of the Ministry’s computer-based infrastructure. Likewise, the IT Consultants shall support the preparation of a program to strengthen and enhance the institutional capacity of the IT Department under the Directorate General for Corporate Services.
Reporting: Director General for Corporate Services, Senior Management Adviser (Corporate Services),
Counterpart Chief of IT Department (when appointed)

Supervision N/A

Duration: June 2011
Location: Ministry of Finance, Dili, Timor Leste

Selection Criteria

  • A University degree in computer Science, Information Systems Technology and other related fields. Post-graduate degree on Information Technology will be desirable.
  • Experience in managing the IT system for a company, government department or international development agency, including experience in managing staff, and planning cost-effective upgrades of software, firmware and hardware.
  • At least two (2) years operational experience in performing IT related maintenance and upgrading issues

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification desirable.
  • Certification in database management and security in at least one of the major database types (Oracle, SQL etc) and web based designs.
  • At least two (2) years experience in programming, analysis and system designing, implementation and analysis.
  • Ability to mentor and train.
  • Ability to communicate well in the English language.

Project Background

The Ministry of Finance of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is looking to recruit an IT Consultant (National) for its Planning and Financial Management Capacity Building Program (PFMBP). PFMCBP is a five-year technical assistance program supported by a grant from the International Development Association and a co-financing Multi-Donor Trust Fund. The Program started in late 2006, and is scheduled to close in June 2011. PFMCBP provides technical assistance to sustainably strengthen planning, budgeting, public expenditure management and revenue administration for growth and poverty reduction, with emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, integrity, service culture, and transparency.

PFMCBP has assisted the Government of Timor-Leste take forward an important reform agenda. Key achievements include implementation of a major reorganization of the Ministry of Finance; strengthening public expenditure management through simplification and strengthening of treasury systems and processes, and increased delegation of authority to line ministries; improved revenue management, including increased transparency in tax administration and reinforcing Petroleum Tax administration; and a gradual improvement in macroeconomic planning. There are important challenges ahead as the Ministry of Finance implements a strong reform program in a capacity constrained environment. PFMCBP itself has a challenge to build capacity and enable an increased transfer of responsibility to Timorese public servants.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the strategic management of PFMCBP, through its Senior Management Committee chaired by the Minister of Finance. There is a dedicated Program Implementation Unit that is responsible for day-to-day program management and implementation which has been integrated recently into the newly established Directorate General Corporate Services. A Supervisory Committee of donors to PFMCBP, also chaired by the Minister of Finance, provides regular oversight on program implementation and achievements. The World Bank is responsible for program supervision, to ensure it is aligned with agreed objectives and financing agreements.

Scope of Work

Working closely with the Chief of the IT Department and its staff, the IT Consultants will be responsible for the efficient functioning of the overall IT systems and operations of the Ministry of Finance. He/she shall work with the IT Department to maintain and control the MoF’s existing system and corporate critical database applications.
The IT Consultants shall provide sound and timely advice to the Chief of the IT Department and the SMA for Corporate Services on the day-to-day operations as well as guidance to staff in the support maintenance requirements of the MoF IT system.

The position will:

Assist the Chief of the IT Department and staff to accomplish their day-to-day tasks and demonstrate strong performance, including:
  1. Management, control, and maintenance of the MoF’s critical applications, ensuring the smooth operations of the existing MoF systems and applications
  2. Control and maintain the MoF network systems and/or services
  3. Assist the Chief of IT Department in providing guidance to national staff in the installation and support of MoF IT System
  4. Provide support to the national staff to ensure the smooth operations of the MoF’s critical applications
  5. Conduct maintenance support to the operation of the servers, workstations, new installations and configurations, including trouble shooting of hardware components such as:
    a. network-based servers and their spare part replacements;
    b. Ethernet LAN switches; and
    c. Desktop, laptop PC’s, and other peripheral components.
  6. Provide technical assistance for staff members of the IT Department and prepare progress and problem-analysis reports for management review purposes;
  7. Monitor network traffic levels and patterns, server and device logs, firewall logs, intrusion detection systems, and provide regular report on these to the management;
  8. Provide guidance in matters pertaining to the installation and configuration of new hardware and software;
  9. Perform acceptance tests and coordinates installation of new systems components and carry out post-implementation evaluation;
  10. Plan and review network resources, configuration and plan cost-effective upgrades of software, firmware, and hardware to keep up with changing technology, growth and needs of the MoF;
  11. Assists the Chief of the IT Department in redrafting, revising and implementing or enforcing IT policy on both software and hardware standard;
  12. Work closely with the national staff to identify and address networking problems that affects the operations of applications software, systems interfaces and users;
  13. Assist the chief of IT Department and staff to accomplish their day to day tasks better;
  14. Provide continuity and direction to all IT Department staff in the absence of the counterpart national staff;
  15. Perform such other supporting tasks, both administrative and technical in nature, to enhance the operations of the IT Department, as will be required by the Ministry of Finance.

Key Deliverables
  1. Perform the role of a technical support specialist and help-desk technician.
  2. Troubleshoots, interpret problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems.
  3. Respond to phone calls, analyze IT related problems referred to by the MoF users by using automated diagnostic programs, and resolve recurring difficulties.
  4. Technical support specialists respond to inquiries from their organizations’ computer users and may run automatic diagnostics programs to resolve problems. They also
  5. Install, modify, clean, and repair computer hardware and software as may be required.
  6. Oversee the daily performance of MoF’s computer systems and evaluate how useful software programs are.
  7. Professional Development Plan of staff in line with the Institutional Development and Capacity Building Plan.
  8. Quarterly report and assessment of progress in professional development and capacity building of the Department.

Performance Evaluation

The performance of the IT Consultant (National) will be assessed by the Chief of the IT Department, the Director-General for Corporate Services and the SMA for Corporate Services in accordance with the performance review framework for advisors in place in the Ministry.

There is probation period of three months.

How to apply
Please visit our website at and go to ‘Employment Opportunity’ to learn about our recruitment process and your application requirements including how to address the Selection Criteria in your application.

Applications need to be sent to our Programme Implementation Officer-PFMCBP at email address,, no later than 17:00hours Timor-Leste time on 26 February 2010.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.