Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Management (MSATM), Finance Officer, Deadline March 17, 2010.


Direcao Nacional de Administracao e Financas


Job Title: Finance Officer

Reporting to: Finance Director - Ministry of State Adminstration and Territorial                                           Management

Duration: 1 year (renewable dependent on performance review)

Location: Ministry of State Adminstration and Territorial Management (MSATM)


The Youth Development Project (YDP)

The Finance office will be overseen by  the Finance Director of the Ministry of Sate Administration and Territorial Management and will be responsible for the day to day financial record keeping and preparation of financial reports for the YDP which is a three year project financed by the World Bank.

The YDP commenced in March 2009 and aims to to promote youth empowerment and inclusion in development by (i) expanding the capacities of and opportunities for youth groups to initiate and participate in local development initiatives and (ii) strengthening the Government’s capacity to assess and respond to youth needs and aspirations.

The Ministry of State Adminstration is the Government body responsible for the majority of the implemetation of the YDP, including the maintence of all financial records for the Project.


The Finance Officer (FO) shall work under the direction of the MSATM Finance Director, and in close cooperation with the Project Coordinator and the Technical Working Group of the YDP,  to ensure efficient and effective financial management of all financial management aspects of the Project.  The FO will maintain the financial management system which includes (a) monitoring and assisting in the reviews of the program budget; (b) financial transaction processing (c) ensure timely, accurate, transparent and accountable financial reporting; and (d) coordination of project external audit.


A.        Core functions

·            Operate the project financial management system to support efficient and effective implementation of program activities. 
·            Complete monthly bank reconciliations of the projects bank account.
·            Prepare Withdrawal Aplications and complete the required documentation to replenish the project’s bank account as required.
·            In consultation with the Finance Director of MSATM, the responsible Director in SSYS,and the coordinator of the Youth for Development maintain the project budget based on the procument plan and the planned implementation of activites.
·            Maintain accurate records for any cash advances to districts and sucos and carry out periodic reconciliations.
·            Prepare quarterly financial monitoring reports for the YDP in the format as required by the World Bank  on a timely basis.
·            Prepare other financial performance reports as required by management.
·            Monitor project adviser contracts for both components of the YDP to ensure the outstanding balance can be determined at any point any time and staff cash advances and receivables to enable timely reporting of program expenses.
·            Maintain the filing system of the project’s financial documentation.
·            Prepare project external audit requirements such as financial reports and schedules required by extenal auditors, respond to Management Letter (ML), and respond to external auditor queries.
·            Prepare finance related correspondence on behalf of the Project.
·            Perform tasks and assignments as required to support objectives of the Project.

The position requires the highest degree of confidentiality and integrity.


A.      Technical competencies

·            Degree in Accountancy, Finance or other relevant post secondary accounting qualifications.

·            At least three years bookeepping experience transactions recording, budgeting, reporting, and spreadsheet management. 
·            Experience in World Bank/ UN or other donor program financial management an advantage.
·            Demonstrated computer literacy skills in the operation of relevant Microsoft Office applications especially spreadsheets.    
·            Professional proficiency in English language both spoken and written.  
·            Demonstrated ability to work with a minimum of supervision. 
·            Ability to work and take on tasks and assignments related to program management.
·            Ability to acquire knowledge of FreeBalance if required;

Interes candidate,  please submit your application composed of; cover letter, newest CV and copy of education certificate and other relevants supporting documents to :
Director Direcao Nacional de Administracao e Financas (DNAF) , Ministry of State Administration and Territorial Management (Estatal)
Rua: Jacinto Candido, Colmera, Dili.
Phone #: 727 3202

The deadline for submission of application is March 17, 2010.