Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Triangle GH, Administration Assistant, Deadline June 10, 2010.

Job Description
1.      Post title
Administration Assistant

2.      Supervision
Administrator/Head of Mission

3.      Duty station
Dili district

4.      The Organization
Triangle GH is a French Organization of International Solidarity that has been implementing activities in Timor Leste since 2005 in the fields of water & sanitation and psychosocial activities.
Triangle GH stands as the water sector lead for the District Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene Services (DWASH) Program.

5.      The Job
The Administration Assistant main responsibility will be to assist the Administrator in implementing all administrative actions needed to facilitate the programme activities.
Under the supervision of the Administrator, the Administration Assistant is responsible for:

ü        Follow up of administrative procedures with the TL authorities:
·        Visas procedures for staff with TL Immigration
·        Governmental taxes payment
·        Driving licenses for staff (national & international)
·        ID cards for staff (national & international)

ü        Follow up of administrative management of the office and Service contracts in Dili:
·       Relations with landlords for TGH office and TGH guesthouse
·       Relations with the Security Company, the Internet Company, the Waste management company

ü        Staff movements monitoring:
·         Coordination with Administrator and TGH HQ in France for staff movements
·         Flight/boats tickets booking
·         Hotel reservations
·         Visas procedures for staff with Indonesian Immigration

ü        Follow up of Human Resources for National staffs:
·         Preparation of work contract when hiring new TGH staff
·         Presentation of TGH Internal Regulations when hiring new TGH staff
·         Filing and keeping files updating
·         Following TGH policy process with Ministry of Labour in collaboration with Administrator

ü        Petty Cash box and bank management
·         Maintain a petty cash box Excel file for follow up with the Administrator

ü        Preparation and release of various payment  after Administrator approval(punctual and monthly)
ü        Follow up of monthly filling for accountancy and bank archives for preparation of audits.

A high degree of flexibility on the part of all staff is expected in order to respond to the ever-evolving situation. This job description may change based on the situation in the field during the time of the contract so it could be updated during the time of the contract.

Application process
 To apply for those position, sent a cover letter, current CV and professional references by email to Ms. Pascale Vulliez ( admin.timorleste@trianglegh.org) or delivery by hand at Triangle GH office, located in Fatuhada-Zero IV, Dili, Timor Leste.
Deadline  10th June 2010