Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scholarship Opportunities: RWI Capacity Advancement Fellowship in Extractives, Deadline March 19, 2010.

RWI Capacity Advancement Fellowship in Extractives

The Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) and the Oil for Development Program (OfD) of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation are pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for the 2010 Capacity Advancement Fellowship in Extractives (CA Fellows)  program. The deadline for application is March 19th 2010. The program seeks to broaden and deepen the role of the next generation of civil society activists in promoting the better management of oil, gas and minerals for the public good.  The fellowship is open to civil society activists from the following OfD countries: Afghanistan, Angola, Bolivia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Madagascar, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeria, São Tomé e Principe, Sudan, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Uganda, and Vietnam.

The CA Fellowship aims to build the capacity of mid-career civil society activists by deepening their understanding of the extractive industries and broadening their skills to connect local, national, and international campaigns.  Fellows are expected to return to their organizations and coalitions with specific knowledge and skills that will enable them to better meet current challenges and develop broader training, advocacy, and research agendas. The program targets key individuals to develop a cadre of future leaders in the extractive industries transparency campaigns.

The year-long fellowship has two components – a period of focused learning and research in New York and a period of application of that learning in their own countries.

During the first half of the program, from August 2010 through January 2011, CA Fellows will be placed at the Revenue Watch Institute office in New York. Fellows will investigate international best practices for extractive resource management and governance and take part in: extractive industry related classes at leading academic institutions, donor and civil society networking events, hands-on support for original research and day-to-day RWI projects activities. Throughout this period they will be partnered with an expert mentor. Fellows are responsible for producing a paper that captures their investigations and learning at the end of this period.

After they return to their home organizations, CA Fellows will implement a project based on their new learning and experience, with the continued support of their expert mentor. They may apply for funding from the fellowship to support this work.  Revenue Watch will publish a short report from each fellow online at the culmination of the year, to highlight what was learned and the impact of the fellow’s activities.

RWI will work with the CA Fellows to co-develop a tailored capacity-building program that corresponds to their particular interests, goals and the primary challenges they expect to face in their revenue governance campaigns upon their return home.  CA Fellows will receive full financial support for the duration of their term in New York, including travel, accommodation and a living stipend.  Financial support for the implementation of home country projects may also be available after competitive review.

The CA Fellowship is designed for mid-level civil society activists involved in extractive industry transparency and management campaigns.  The successful candidate will have introductory knowledge of the extractive industry and related international campaigns, and a position within their organization and career enabling them to capitalize on a significant increase in learning. While exposure to other training opportunities is a plus, it is not required, and applicants must explain how this fellowship opportunity will add particular value to their development and work.  Preference will be given to applicants from newly producing countries or from contexts where civil society is newly engaged in extractive issues.

The successful CA Fellowship candidate will have, at minimum, an undergraduate degree/equivalent; a background in civil society research, monitoring and activism around extractive revenue transparency; a commitment to return to their country and continue their current campaign; a strong ability to work independently; and good English skills. They also must have the explicit support of their current home organization to pursue all aspects of this fellowship.

To apply, please send the following to Page Dykstra at or fax at +1.212.548.4618 with ‘CA Fellowship’ in the subject line no later than March 19th, 2010:
A. Completed application form;
B. CV or resume;
C. Letter from your current manager/head of your organization recommending you for the fellowship and committing to support fellowship and post-fellowship activities.  This letter should include a brief description of the organization’s work related to extractive industries;
D. An essay (no more than 3 pages) that includes:
·         An outline of extractive related issues in your country and the current work you, your organization, and civil society groups broadly are doing in response;
·         An outline of what you will seek to learn and achieve during the fellowship opportunity;
·         A description of how you will use the learning and products from the fellowship on return to your country and organization; and
·         A description of how this fellowship fits into your current career goals.

All candidates will be judged in an open and competitive selection process that will rate them based on: the relevance of their work experience, training and education; their technical knowledge of the extractives sector; their space and commitment to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills; and their ability to meet the specific mental, relational, and academic challenges of the fellowship.  Short-listed candidates from each region will be interviewed by RWI staff as well as outside advisors.  Additional references may be requested.

RWI Capacity Advancement Fellowship in Extractives Application
Please send with your resume, essay, and reference letter to Page Dykstra at or fax at +1.212.548.4618 with ‘CA Fellow’ in the subject line by March 19th, 2010.